111 Fastest Ways to Increase Website Traffic to Your Website

Sunday, July 16, 2017

increase Website Traffic
increase Website Traffic

If you open an online business without increase website traffic,  your investment will be worthless.

Nothing is same like website traffic. Because if you have a website with millions traffic, you can sell something although your website is not standard than others.

So everyone try increase traffic to website first, then think other. Millions dollars expense for this.
All of the website/blog is seeking for increase website traffic.

Today I write a biggest article about how to increase traffic to your website very rapidly. Almost 111 unique tips for increase traffic to your website

1. Write unique content

Unique content always attract your visitors. It's better than expensive SEO service.

Unique content creation is not a simple task. You need a long time practice. Read more in your post topics. Review your draft again and again. Write everything you know from other sources.

So many new bloggers fail to make unique content. Because they are trying to publish copy content by using content spinning software or rewriting the original article.

You can gather idea about your content from another blog, but you can't copy from them.

Google webmaster doesn't index your blog if your post content copy from another blog.

So the original content is purely writing by yourself. A unique content help you Increase traffic to website very rapidly.

2. Eye catching headlines.

A unique Headlines always attract visitors to read the article.

You may see the newspaper headline. They got huge sharing on social networks.

For making a eye catchy headlines, go to Google search engine. Write your blog title on Google search bar. Now see the post who got the top position in Google search engine.

Copy first 10 headlines. Now analyze headlines and see their relationship. Select Same Keywords and same words. Now write your blog headlines according to their blog with keywords and words. But don't write same headline as like top blogger.

Now use headline analyze tools for better results. There have some online toolbar for analysis your headlines.

Bloggerspice published a complete article about how to analyze your headlines by using headlines analyze toolbar.

increase Website Traffic

Analyze your headlines before final submitting your post.

Coschedule is one of best headlines analyze toolbar. You can easily analyze your headlines by this tools.

The more scores mean the more sh-arable and visitors friendly.

Although human strategies are not drive by machine. So when you got higher score in your headline, don't think it's best. Judge your headline as a visitors. So you find a best one.

Your need to check 10 similar headlines samples before posting.

Which headlines is better to you as a reader, you select this for posting.

3.Write long article

According to Neil Patel blog, the long article is got more share and more visitors. For Increase traffic to website, long article is best policy.

Neil Patel discusses about his long article on a post that He writes 10k words article even sometimes he write 20k words article.

O, my God !!! You may surprise how to write very long article ??
increase Website Traffic

Yeah it's difficult but not impossible. From my own experience, I follow some technique for writing a long article.

Before writing an article, I select my post headline first. Now put this headline on Google search bar. Now see the post who write about this topics.

Supposed I want to write on "weight loss" methods. Now I see on search engines that a blogger write on 100 tips for weight loss methods.

So why people visit my blog if write 50 methods for weight loss?? Now I try to write on 150 methods for weight loss !!!

Yeah, this long article gets plenty of shares and huge followers.

4. Write more as you can

If you have the ability to write daily basis, you can do it. Because it will increase your Alexa Rank and Google index more posts.

Visitors always try to find everything in one place. So if your blog is about blogging and earning money online, you have to cover all about blogging and earning from online.

Google Adsense is best earning methods from online. You have to complete everything about Google Adsense.

You also write Google Adsense alternative for those who are unable to approve by Google Adsense.

Before starting a blog, must be confirm that your blog topics have wide information to write.

Never use a narrow topics idea. Either a time, you will lose your topic to write more.

5. Posts scheduling

If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to maintain a post schedule.

You may write 2 articles every week or 4 articles every week or more as you can.

Do not post irregular. Or Visitors guess that you write rarely and not an active blogger.

But don't produce low quality post by producing more article. Make sure every post is better SEO friendly. Gather information as you can. Either visitors think that you are producing more but not quality article.

From my own experience, try to produce two article every week. Research on keywords, post title, headlines and information is need time. So you can't maintain article quality.

6. Write list blog posts

Listed post is got more share, more views and more organic traffic. Baclinko owner writes a post on 201 SEO tips. It's a long list post on SEO.

This post got 425 comments, 2481 Twitter shares and 1200 shares on Facebook.

When a viewers see on search engine that you write a list that higher than others, they must be visit your blog with priority basic.

So the list post Increase traffic to website very rapidlyGoogle trends is best tools

increase Website Traffic

7. Write about current news

Current news gets more impressions. For example, Google recently updated its algorithm named "Fred"

This is very hot news for bloggers and SEO service provider.

Google trends is best tools for finding a current news hot topics. You can easily got more organic traffic by writing a Google trends topics.

So many bloggers make events blogging for Increase traffic to website. Supposed tomorrow is father's day. Now write on father's day gift, father's day story and others content related with it. You got some unique visitors instantly.

For example, hi-news is a Russian website. They always present information about recent technology and application.

hi-news got huge visitors on their website because of recent news article. So many visitors translating Russian language to English.

increase Website Traffic

8. Write about Google and Twitter trends

I already said that Google trends are use for searching recently growing topics on the search engines.

When American election held, people always searching for two presidents name. So the American election got boost in Google trends.

increase Website Traffic

Twitter is same one. Here hash # tag plays a different trick for making topics first.

On father's day, people use #FatherDay hash tag for searching father's day related Twitter post.

You can easily see the trending topics on the left side of your Twitter account.  Now select a topic which is related to your niche and write a post on the topic. This post will increase your website traffic instantly.

increase Website Traffic

9. See the forum and Quora

You may have an idea about the forum. Here people discussed their problems.

Siteowners forum or Digitalpoint is such kinds of forum. Here have so many expert people. They always try to give you the right solution.

In forum visitors ask questions and Expert give answers. So you get about latest questions on your niche. You can write details on their questions answered.

Quora is also another way find people questions about your niche. Here people ask questions to thousands expert.

Expert give answers of the questioner. So you get answers and write an article on it.

You got huge traffic from Google search engine for writing trending topic of Google and Quora.

increase Website Traffic

10. Asking readers about post topics.

People always love to give you suggestions. Supposed a person is smokers, but he always gives suggestions for not smoking.

You may write a long post about Facebook traffic. Now ask questions your visitors about more ways to increase website traffic by Facebook You see people makes comments below your post.

Visitors will return your website for the reply from you and others visitors and it will Increase traffic to website.

11. Start a debate post

People always feel happy by making some debate and win the debate.

So trying to start debate topics. Ask your audience for leave a comment with their opinions on this topic.

This trick will give you huge returning visitors to your blog. Although it's difficult to start such post without the forum.

12. Use Google analytics for searching boost post topics.

increase Website Traffic

You may have idea about Google Analytics. its give details statistical analysis about your content which is boosting.

You got data about each keyword position or single post position.

You also able to filter Google analytics data as you want. After finishing your analysis, try to write post on best boost post and best keyword position.

Buzzsumo is another kind of websites for post statistical data  Here you can see the details statistical data on social media activity. This website show you how much share and like got your blog post.

Now write again a blog post on those topics that got more share and more visitors.

increase Website Traffic

13.Write interviews about successful people on your niche

Neil Patel is very successful bloggers. He is very popular in the world.

Baclinko owner BrianDean is very popular in the blogging world. He writes about SEO.

Shoutmeloud owner Harashagarwal is very popular in the blogging world. He earns huge from India continent.

So you can write about their blog, life, hard work and growing. This post will help visitors to inspire to write.

If you think this is difficult to take interviews from those people, select some local blogger who is successful in their own blog.

So many visitors will be interested to read article on this topic.

14. Make the best blog list.

You can make a top blog list among the world. You also make a list of top blogging earners in your country.

Bloggerpassion writes a super post about top 10 bloggers in India.

After finishing your article, contact the blog owner and told him that you are happy to write about him. If you're lucky, you can get backlinks from review blog

They can refer your blog for showing their ranking level.

New blogger always searches for this kind of post and you got Google organic traffic.

15. Use photos and graphics

Once a time when the bloggers write a short post and use ad rather than visual content.

Photos are very important than a text post. One photo can express more words than a text

People can easily understand your post content and sustain a long time without feeling bored.

Google search also shows the result for photos.

So the unique photos and graphics  Increase traffic to website.

16. Use infographics photos

You may know about infographics photos. Here you can include all the data from your post in a place.

According to searchenginejournal owner, infographics photos have several benefits

A. Infographics Increasing your SEO rank
B. Infographics Get Shared More
C. Infographics Help You Connect With Your Audience

For sharing your data on social media Info-graphics is very popular.

Some social media like Pinterest is totally very good to Increase traffic to website. If you share infographics photos in Pinterest it will very effective for driving more views.

Some time info graphics got so many backlinks. So  infographics will increase your SEO rank in

Google search engine.

17. Use Pinterest and StumbleUpon friendly photos.

You may know about Pinterest and StumbleUpon social network. Both of the networks is best Increase traffic to the website. I got huge traffic from StumbleUpon social network.

I already write that info graphics photos will get more views on Pinterest.

But both of platform is not for sharing text post it's only sharing for photos. So this platform Photo size must be bigger than others social media.

So for attracting visitors in this social platforms, share big size photos and infographics.

increase Website Traffic

18. Use YouTube video

YouTube is the top one digital content platform, millions of people use YouTube for watching movies, tutorials or funny clips. So this YouTube is very effective Increase traffic to the website.

Shoutmeloud owner uses video in his post for attracting visitors. For example, this post is about the online toolkit.  Here in below post, he shares a YouTube video link.

So the visitors will stay for a long time in his blog.

Besides this, he got backlink from YouTube video. So YouTube also drives traffic to his blog.increase Website Traffic

19. Use SlideShare

It's a branch of the LinkedIn group. Here people share their awesome slide tutorials.

Visitors come to SlideShare for collecting tutorials for presentation.

increase Website Traffic

When you write an article, you can make a slide with the main point. Now share this on slide share.

When people view your slide, they also trying to visit your blog. It will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

20. Arrange a webinar

If you are very expert in a subject, you can arrange a free webinar for your visitors.

Visitors ask questions and you can answer their questions directly.

By face to face webinar, you got more trust from your blog visitors.

Supposed you are expert in Google Adsense approval. Now arrange a webinar for your visitors about all of their questions on Google Adsense.

By your webinar, some viewers got help. So they are your trusted visitors. Your trusted visitors regularly check your blog and it will increase website traffic.

21. Make a Facebook page.

You may know about social media powers for driving traffic to your blog.

Facebook is most popular social networking sites in the world. Millions of people are open account on Facebook.

According to this article, you can drive Facebook traffic by 11 ways.

Facebook page is one of them. First, you need to create a Facebook page by the name of your blog.

Then share your blog posts on your Facebook page.

More people like your page, more reach your post. So you need to increase your page like by inviting people.

22. Facebook discussion groups.

Facebook group can drive huge traffic to your blog. Creating a Facebook group is less easy than a Facebook page.

Because here you can easily add your friends as group members. There have no limitations for adding the member.

Some Facebook group have 100K members. Here all of your posts will be shown as a notification.

So this group brings huge traffic to your blog. It will make your blog as the brand.

24. Facebook paid advertise

Facebook paid to advertise is a developed tool for those people, who promote their e-commerce site for selling products.

Facebook share your post among huge people. For 1$ expenditure, your post can reach 1000 to 5000 people.

It's called boost post. You got a huge share, comments and like by Facebook paid to advertise.

So Facebook paid advertising got huge visitors to your website.

25. Use Twitter for sharing your post

Twitter is very popular in the social network. Millions of people are sharing their post on Twitter.

Twitter is not a social media like another social network. Twitter has some limitations for share. You can use 153 characters for share.

Use #hashtag for improving your blog keywords impressions.  Here you can boost your post will visual content like photos or videos. Here I write 19 Best use of Twitter to increase website traffic.

So Twitter also boosts your website traffic.

26. Google plus page

Google Plus page is used for making your business identification.

First, you have to make a Google Plus page for your website name. Then include your original address for Google verification.

increase Website Traffic

After completing all information, Google will send you a verification code to your address. After receiving the verification code, your website will be Google verified.

When you share something on Google, you will get more visitors. Because they trust your page post and share.

Here I write on How to Increase Massive Website Traffic From Google+ by 8 Easy Methods.

27. Google plus group

Google Groups also a source of websites traffic. There have thousand of Google plus group in online.
increase Website Traffic

Most of Google plus group have plenty of members. 100K group members are available.

For increasing website traffic, you have to search your niche related groups in Google plus.

Now join the group as you can. If you can join 10 or 50 groups it will good for your website traffic.

After finishing a blog post, share your post among the groups. You can use the hashtag for every keyword. Like #make #money #online.

So Google plus group will increase website traffic.

28. Google maps

Google maps also drive traffic to your website.

First, you need to add your blog address and name on Google maps.

Then upload some photos related your blog. Now Google maps will be indexing your blog. When people search by the name of your blog, they will show your website address beside their search results.

This maps also make your blog brand reputation. It also drives traffic by people search on Google.

29. Join a collaborative Pinterest board

Pinterest is very popular social media for driving traffic. So many people use this tools for driving traffic to his blog.

Pinterest photo-sharing sites. Here you have to share your blog photos. When people find your pin is very interesting, they will following your pin and visit your site.

So Pinterest also drives traffic to your blog.

30. Use Pinterest widget

The Pinterest widget is useful for increasing traffic to website. Because here people can see all of your blog posts in one place.

When visitors see your Pinterest widget, they will be interested in visiting your Pinterest boards. It will increase website traffic like others social media.

Google search engine also show your Pinterest board when a person search your blog.

31. Creating a Tumblr Blog.

Tumblr is a popular blogging platforms. Here people share their awesome writing article.

Tumblr has following option. If your article makes visitors happy, they will be interested to follow you.
increase Website Traffic

You can easily link up your blog posts in Tumblr post. So the visitors will come to your blog with your link.

If you will be able to make your profile interested, you can increase website traffic very rapidly.

32. Use Instagram for share

Instagram is very popular social media for photo sharing.

Here millions of photos uploading daily. Because Instagram is now a part of Facebook, so you can add all of your friends as your Instagram followers.

Now share your photos with your Instagram followers and drive traffic to your blog.

33. Use blog comments

Blog comments are a source for website traffic. But you have to make your comments very sincerely.

First, you need to read the full article. Then think about his article for any kinds of questions arise by the article.

Do not make any comments without reading the full article. Either your comments will be treated as spamming.

Blog owner can delete your comment. Do not try to put your link in your writing, or pray for visiting your blog.

Who make such kinds of nonsense comments, visitors think that the owner of the comment is very bad guys.

So the comments will increase website traffic very rapidly.

34. Join bloggers community

Bloggers community is also a source of websites traffic.

Here have so many bloggers who already have a success story on the blogging platform.

You can easily join such kinds of the group from Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn group.

Here is one LinkedIn group where you can learn about blogging and earn.

So the blogger's community is very good for accelerates website traffic.

34. Join LinkedIn group

You may have an idea about LinkedIn group. In a LinkedIn group, huge people are joining.

All the people are real account and have a standard professional.

So in the LinkedIn group, you can find some people who are really in blogging professionally.

But you have to maintain strict rules and regulations. Because if the group moderator understands that you are for blog traffic, they will ban you from their group.

35. Share post on your Facebook profile.

You may have 1000 to 5000 Facebook friends. Now share your blog posts with your friends by sharing blog posts on your own profile.

You can request your friends for sharing your blog on their own profile.

This share will reach every friend of your friend list.

Some people who are really interested in your blog, they will visit your blog regularly.

36. Follow your Twitter followers

It's another trick for increasing your website traffic. Some bloggers use this trick that they always reply yours when you follow him.

They reply with a useful blog post links for you.

So the followers think that he has a specialty to his following person. Now followers always try to read your blog regularly and make share and comments on your post.

So following back is very effective for increasing website traffic.

37. Reply your followers with thanks.

I already discussed it. When a Twitter followers start to follow you, try to send him a thanks masses.

You write him that you are happy for his following. You send him a useful blog post links, which is related to his blog.

I think it will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

38. Send thanks, masses who like your page.

After opening a Facebook page, your first duty is to invite your friends to like your page.

After like someone, give him thanks masses for like your page. You can also send him useful links for visiting your blog.

This way will help you to boost your website traffic.

39. Include Social Sharing button

Including social sharing button all of your blog posts.

Include all of sharing button like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and others as you can.

Some website has a free script for making social sharing widget. They give you all the social sharing button.

addthis is one of them. They have different styles free script for adding social sharing button.

increase Website Traffic

You can also monitor your sharing statistical analysis.

So the visitors can share your post very easily. Social sharing will increase website traffic very rapidly.

40. Quotable phrases

Shoutmeloud owner uses Quotable phrases for increasing traffic to website He writes Quotable phrases in his post. This post inspired visitors to share the post on their twitter timeline.
It's a great trick for share post in others timeline.

Here you write a conclusion in short words and say your visitors to vi

41. Ending post with a question

People always love to reply with some suggestions.

So when you finished your article with a question, visitors will be interested in giving your answer.

So they will return again for your reply. They hope to see that you reply them with thanks, masses.

It will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

42. Reply your comments

Reply all of your comments. Do comments with giving thanks to them.

I make this trick for every comment either they are spamming or write short comments.

If you reply every comment, visitors think that you are very active on your blog.

So they will return again for visiting your website.

43. Submit your post on Reddit

Reddit is awesome post sharing site. It's a great source of websites traffic.

People share their article or post on Reddit and make traffic for his blog.

According to Neil Patel blog, You can drive thousand of visitors by sharing Reddit.

So you can increase your website traffic by Reddit very rapidly.

44. Collaborate with other bloggers

The collaboration will increase your website traffic.

People always love to share their blog with collaborate people. You can get suggestions from other bloggers.

Some people who are really helpful to make your blog improvement. I got suggestions from the bloggerspice owner about blogging.

I always visit his blog regularly. I make comments on his post and he also comments on my blog.

So Collaborate with other bloggers  Will increase your website traffic.

46. Use popular post widget

Popular Posts widget will increase your website visitors. People who visit your blog, always love to read the most viewed article.

So you can put a most popular post widget on the right side of your blog.

From my experience, it will decrease my website bounce rate. It will increase my website traffic.

47. Share post on LinkedIn

I already discussed LinkedIn group. Here I discuss LinkedIn profile. You can easily share your article in your LinkedIn profile.

After opening a LinkedIn profile, you have to increase your personal connection.

You can try to connect those people who are related to your blog niche.

Now share every post in your LinkedIn profile.

47. LinkedIn article

LinkedIn article is very effective for increasing website traffic

The LinkedIn article is one of the features from LinkedIn. Here have so many users who write an article on various topics.

People will drive your blog with links to your article. You don't need to write some extra article for LinkedIn. Just share something that is on your website

So the LinkedIn article is one source of increase websites traffic.

48. Add your website link on biodata

Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile have options for adding your website link on about section.

So when a person wants to send you a friends request, he will visit your blog link.

You blog brand will increase by adding a link on your profile. It also increases your website traffic.

49. Try to guest posts

Guest post will increase your website traffic very rapidly. Everyone knows that guest post is a source for website traffic.

Supposed you have a blog that is not well known. If you write on an established blog who get more visitors, you will be a popular blogger.

When visitors see you in the popular blog, they think that you are standard writers.

People will visit your blog by your profile link. So the guest posts increase your website traffic.

50. Setup free blog

Setup free blog in Blogspot blogging platform, WordPress blogging platforms, livejournalTypepad

Supposed we have blogpairs.com blog, so we open the blog in blogpairs.blogspot.com account on Blogspot.

Although we use Blogspot blogging platform, we have a free account on WordPress blog.

When people search on Google by your blog name, they find your blog in Google search engine.

So set up in various blogging platforms will increase your website traffic.

51. Invite for guest blogger

Some people wants to make guest blogging for improving their brand value.

So you can invite bloggers to write guest blogging in your blog. Because it's difficult to write continually in your blog personally. So when a guest blogger writes a post on your blog, it makes some variation in the article.

The guest blogger also links up their post with their social media network. So it's will increase website traffic.

52. Include your blog address in mail signature

Yeah, it's another trick for increasing your website traffic.

You may send so many emails from your mail address.

So when you include your  Blog address in mail signature, receivers will be interested to visit your blog with links.

You can setup a welcome reply masses for senders who send you mail. I will help you to boost your website traffic.

53. Include signature in forum

Forum has a signature option. You get quality backlinks by adding your blog link as signature.

For example, siteowners forum have this option for adding a signature. When we add our post links as a signature, our visitors increased day by day.

So including a signature in the forum is increase your website traffic.

53. Published your article in Hubpages with your blog link

Hubpages Is very popular website for sharing your blog posts. Here have millions of visitors daily for learning something new.

For driving from Hubpages, you have to add your blog link in the post very carefully.

So when visitors read your post, they will come your blog by backlinks from HubPages.

So hubpages is increased your website traffic very rapidly.

54. Ezine articles

Einearticles is one of a site like HubPages. Here you can submit your article.

You can link up your blog with internal links in your article.

So when visitors read your article, they also visit your blog. This visit will help you to increase your website traffic.

55. Use link inspection tool

If you are beginners in blogging, you may know about backlinks. Backlinks is increased your Google page rank.

When Google search engine finds high-quality backlinks to your blog, Google will increase your website search engine viewable ranking.

Every popular website gets high-quality backlinks from another site. So you have to inspect your competitor's backlinks.

Then you can apply trick for getting backlinks from that site who give a link to their website.

Moz is very popular for researching your competitor's backlinks.

56. Add your blog in Technorati

Technorati  is a super tool for improving your blog traffic.

Here you can submit your website and it will drive traffic to your blog.

57. Build internal links

Internal linking also drive traffic to your website. When people
views your blog, they click on your internal links.

You may have an idea about internal links. It's those link which is built from your own site.

Supposed you write an article about how to increase your website traffic. Now you can link up your other posts which are related to this topic.

This technique will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

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58. Use related post widget

Related posts widget is also very useful for increasing traffic to website.

Supposed our post is about increase website traffic. So we use a post tag for every post category. Now all of our post related to website traffic will show below your post.

After finishing your article, visitors will visit your related post links for more information

So related post widget also increase your website traffic.

59. Use keywords research tools

Keyword research is very important for SEO or search engine optimization.

increase Website Traffic

Before writing every post, you have to research keywords deeply. Because search engine always crawling your blog with keywords.

Google keyword planner KeywordPlanner is best free tools for researching your keywords.

Backlinko owners have a long post about how to make keywords research.

Backlinko have a long post about how to make keywords research.

So keywords research tools increase your website traffic.

60. Use image alt tag

Image alt tag is very important for SEO. Every image has an alt tag. This tag will show your blog keywords.

Most of the bloggers use their keywords in image alt tag.
First, you save your image will keywords extension.

Supposed you write about website traffic. So your image name will be websitetraffic.jpg.

Now give your alt tag as website traffic.

So when people search on Google by website traffic keywords, they will find your image and click on your website link.

So image alt tag will increase your website traffic.

61. Put keywords in your post title

It's another trick for increasing your website traffic. Putting keywords in the post title is SEO friendly.

Supposed you write an article on Website traffic. So you put this two words in your post title. Title will be like how to increase "website traffic"

When people search anything on Google by writing "website traffic" it has possibilities to show your post.

Because Google boats are able to read your headlines. So keywords in post title will increase your website traffic.

62.First 100 words is posted summary

Most of the social network site showing your first 100 words. When a visitors share your post on social networks, it will show your headlines and some words.

So put your keywords in first 100 words. Here you give a summary of your article.

So visitors can easily understand your post content.

63. Optimized image

Image optimization is very important for increasing your website traffic.

Image optimization can make in different ways.

1. Reducing image size.
2. using image alt tag.
3. Using keywords extension on the image.

If your image has big size, it takes time for loading page.

A visitors can stay 5 seconds on your blog. If your page doesn't open between 5 seconds, visitors will bounce back.

So you lost your visitors.

64.Check your article spelling

Yeah, article spelling is another factor for increasing traffic to website.

Always remember that your article writing intelligence will increase your authority.

When visitors see that you produce some low-quality article, they don't return again for visiting your blog.

So the spelling error free articles will increase your website traffic.

65. Check grammatically error

It's another problem for blogging. Some writer who is not native in English, their article is not properly written by grammatically.

A grammatical error sentence is produced bother to his visitors.

This type content will reduce your blog authority.

You loose your visitors gradually for continually write grammatical errors post.

66. Pin a great tweet

Twitter have another option to pin your post on the top of your profile.

Test your post and see what is got more engagement on Twitter.

And then pin it on the top of your profile.

When a new follower visit your profile and he will get your post on the top.

This post will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

67. Pin your post on Facebook page

Facebook page have an option for adding a pinned post on the top.

You can see the total impressions of your post below the post.

The more impressions and more reach mean that your post got more popularity.

Now pin your post on the top of the page. So when a visitors view your Facebook page, he sees the pin post as popular.

68. @Mention influencers

Twitter has a @mention system for mentioned someone.

You may know some follower who likes you. When you post on Twitter, you can mention your follower by using @mention tag.

They get notification from your tweet. And they will visit your post after getting notifications.

Do not mention any friends who are not interested your Twitter .

Remember, Twitter has a high spamming system. So don’t make any spamming on twitter.

69. Use # Hashtag by your website name

Hashtag # make Twitter different. Popular news or something in the world is share by using the hashtag.

Google search engine show your hash # tag in the search result. For example, you use "#blogpairs" as your hashtag.

Any photo or post you share on Twitter, just uses a hashtag after the post.

70. Choose a Memorable Domain Name

Domain name is very important for increasing your website traffic.

If you have a domain that is a big name, visitors can't remember your domain name for returning.

Select a domain name that is very easy to write and remember.

For example Backlinko, the blog is very popular for researching your keywords.

He just uses backlinko for his domain name. It's very easy to write.

Visitors can easily write this domain name.

71. Buy the Wrong Domain Name

Yeah, you can buy wrong domain name relevant with your blog name.

Supposed our blog name is blogpairs. So there have possibilities to types in Google search engine by blogpars/blogpeirs/blogparis or other which is not actually your blog name.

If we buy a relevant domain name with blogpairs , visitors can automatically redirect from related sites to your main domain name.

So wrong domain will increase your website traffic.

72. Participate in Q+A Sites

Participating in Q+A typing site is very effective for increase organic site traffic to your website.

Yahoo answer is the best example of Q+A Sites. Here so much people ask their question about their needs.

 Such as people ask about how to get more organic traffic.

You answer a good solution and refer your article for your data reference.

This will drive more organic traffic to your site.

73. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail keywords are very good for SEO.

Google search engine will index your blog by Long-Tail keywords and show your search results by Long-Tail Keywords

Short keywords are very competitive and Long-Tail keywords are low competitive.

So use Long-Tail keywords for reducing your blog competition. It will increase your website organic traffic.

74. Implement Schema Microdata

Schema Microdata is very important for increasing your blog authority.

A blogger indicates his content by Schema Microdata.

Supposed you write an article. You Must be declared that this article is your article.

increase Website Traffic

All the photos you use in your post must be indicated by Schema Microdata.

Google search engine will index your blog according to Schema Microdata.

So Schema Microdata will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

75. Attend local Conferences

The local conference will be a good source for increasing your blog authority.

Some time local bloggers arrange a conference for developing blogging platforms.

Such as ICT conference. Here all the freelancer gathered and arrange a conference.

You can meet so many freelancers and share your blog name and contributions with them.

So it will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

76. Publish an e-book

E-book publishing is most effective for increasing your blog subscriber.

So many bloggers use this trick for increasing their website traffic.

If you able to increase your blog subscriber, every post will reach to your website subscriber.

Supposed you have 10000 subscribers, every post will reach 10000 subscribers.

So if 10 thousand subscribers open your mail, you got 1000 visitors instantly.

So you publishing e-book is very good for accelerates website traffic.

77. send out a free newsletter

The free newsletter also increases your website traffic very rapidly.

The newsletter will send to all of your email subscribers.

There have so many free and paid online service for sending free newsletter.

Mailchimp is one of them. Here have two options. One is free and another is premium.

You can send 12000 newsletters to 2000 subscriber every month by a free service of Mailchimp.

So you can increase your website traffic very rapidly by sending out a free newsletter.

78. Offer a free e-course or digital product

If you want to make some regular followers, you can offer some free courses to your visitors.

Supposed you have experience in e-mail marketing.

Now offers free courses for email marketing.

Write an article on email marketing and refer your blog to study. It will increase your website traffic.

79. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

Today most of the visitors have come from mobile. People always use a mobile browser for browsing website.

So who have the mobile responsive blog, they got more website visitors.

Because when visitors visit your blog and see your blog is not responsive, they leave your blog and doesn't return again.

If want to drive more traffic to your website, change your blog theme into responsive.

80. Use power words

Power words are very effective in the blog title.

According to Coschedule , power words will increase your blog headlines power.

Visitors always attracting your blog when using power words in your post.

Here has an example of power words.

You can measure your title power by using this tools.

81. Offer affiliate commission

Some blogger offer affiliate commission for selling their e-book or other products.

Suppose you are very expert on designing website template. So you can offer others blog owners to sell your template by a commission.

so when they sell your template, they refer your website link for preview or details about your products,

They also write a review and refer your website for details. It will increase your website viewer.

82. Submit your post to directories

Online directories are so good for driving visitors to your website.

Freewebsubmission is one of the free online submitting tools. Here you can submit your website for indexing more search engine.

google or Bing have webmaster tools to submit your website manually. But it's not possible to submit your website all the search engine manually.

Website directory tools help you to submit your blog those search engine.

83. Billboard

Billboard is a great solution for increasing traffic to website.

Although it's very costly. But some billboards will create a brand for your website.

People think that your brand is very popular and useful for collective data.

Supposed you have a website about blogging and earning. So you makes billboards and write " learn blogging start earning".

People will attract your blog for visiting and you got huge direct visitors.

84. Postering

It's another trick for driving traffic from an offline source.

You can easily attract visitors by sharing catchy design poster.

Supposed you print 1000 poster and attach it many public places like the park , streets side or restaurant, you can drive huge traffic from an offline source.

When people see that your poster is very attractive to visit your blog. Or they think that your blog is important for them. They will visit your blog regularly.

So poster will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

85. Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets

Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets an awesome source for website traffic.

First, you need to write a great description about your blog. Now print this description on Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets.

Distribute this Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets in public places like the park, university, cafeteria or other crowds place.

You got huge visitors from Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets.

86. Award winning for best post.

Guest blogging is a popular source for increasing website traffic.

So you can invite bloggers to write guest blogging in your blog and arrange free awards for those post which got more views and sharing.

A guest blogger will be interested in writing your blog more and they share your post for more views and sharing.

So awards winning system will increase your website traffic.

87. Visiting cards distribution

Visiting cards is very effective for increasing website traffic from an offline source.

From my own experience, one website owner distributes visiting card in front of our university.

I also got one from them. Still, now, I'm their regular visitors.

I think they got thousands of visitors daily from their visiting card.

So visiting card distribution is also a source of websites traffic.

88. T-shirt Shirt distribution

It's a great source of websites traffic and website branding.

You can print some T-shirt and distribute among those people who are related with public work or stay in public places.

So you can distribute your T-shirt among public transport drivers. They are always sitting in front of passengers.

You can also distribute among university stuff. Because they move among the students.

Students also drive traffic by wearing your T-shirt.

But you have to ensure that your website name is clearly written on your T-shirt back site and front site.

89. Arrange a competition

It will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

Supposed your blog is about blogging and earning. So you arrange a competition among your visitors about 100 earning methods.

You ask article from your visitors about top 100 online earning methods. So when visitors drop their article for competition, they will visit your blog.

They also refer visitors to your blog. This way will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

90. Distribution calendar

The yearly calendar also drives traffic to your blog.

You can print yearly calendar among the people.

You don't need to print a high-quality calendar. You just need to print minimum quality but eye catchy design.

Now distribute this calendar among the people who are really Webmaster or visit your blog regularly.

You can distribute your calendar among the students, faculty office, classroom or busses.

So distributing calendar will increase your website traffic.

91. Newspapers classified ads

Although, newspapers ads is very expensive.
But you can through your ad's in newspaper classified ads.

This type ads is not very expensive. Maybe 10 to 20 dollars need for it.

It will increase your website traffic from an offline source.

If you are very greedy for increasing your website traffic, you can arrange a newspaper classified ads.

If the newspaper published 100000 pieces, your website will reach to 100000 visitors. So 1% visitors will bring you, 1000 visitors, instantly.

92. Create website template

I knew one website designer who got 100000 unique visitors per month by creating website template.

Because every developer adds a website link below his design footer.

Some bloggers searching for developers website below website footer notes.

If your free template installs 10000 websites, you got minimum 100 visitors every day and got a do follow the link.

93. Review products

Products review is a great source of websites traffic.

For example, Amazon affiliate program. You can submit your product reviews below the Amazon products.

Or you can review a web service on your website. Now visitors will find your blog as a helpful blog for verification their products users experience.

You also ask the responsive company to make links on your blog for showing review of their customers as a reference.

Your blog visitors will increase very rapidly by review products.

94. Submit photographs to free stock photography sites

Stock photography site also increases your website traffic very rapidly.

Here you give your photos for free, but write him to put a footer credit for your blog.

You also submit your photos in creative commons site. They also give you links back.

So when you will publish your photo regularly, you can drive huge traffic.

95. Include a link to your RSS feed

A blog RSS feed produces more website visitors to your blog.

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is used for delivery updated content from a blog.

Visitors subscribe your blog for updates post.

So when you published a new post, your subscriber will get a message from your blog that you published a new post.

96. Republished your old posts

Bloggers have an option for republished your old post again.

Supposed you write an article on Google Adsense approval on 2015.

But in 2017 Google Adsense change their rules. Because Google Adsense doesn't show ad's in YouTube video before 10000 viewers.

So now you change your blog post information according to 2017 and republished your old post.

I think it will increase your website traffic very rapidly. It will increase your Alexa Rank rapidly.

97. the search function on your blog

Every blog should need a search function.

Because visitors always love to pick their needs post.

So they want to find out their needs by searching on your blog.

When you design your blog, you put a blog search bar on your website.

So visitors will increase by searching on your blog.

98. Create an app for iPhone or Android.

Android apps is widely used now. Millions of people using Android phone among the world.

So visitors are very interesting to visit your blog with a pre-installed app.

So many popular websites have Android and iPhone app. So visitors can easily be surfing your blog regularly.

99. Published press features post

You make a unique blog about blogging and earning.

Now find a journalist who works as a reporter for a newspaper.

Now request him to publish a feature post about your blog in science and technology section.

I think you will get huge visitors from an offline source.

100. Tell your friends and family about your blog

Your surrounding people are your real readers. They will visit your blog regularly.

You can tell your friends about your blog and how can they benefit from your blog.

Am sure they will visit your blog regularly and they also encourage people to visit your blog regularly.

101. Submit your blog on Google/Bing webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools in extremely need for a blogger. Because after creating a blog, you must be submitted your blog in Google webmaster tools.

Yahoo search engine also has webmaster tools.

For increasing Yahoo search engine traffic, you have to submit your blog into Yahoo search engine.

So when your blog will indexing fully, your website organic traffic will increase very rapidly.

102. Make YouTube backlinks

YouTube also a big source of websites traffic.

YouTube have options for linking your blog with YouTube video.

So when visitors watch your YouTube video, they will be interested in visiting your blog.

So YouTube video will increase website traffic very rapidly.

103. Create a forum

Forum also drives traffic to your blog.

So much visitors trying to solve something by your website article. When they got it's difficult to find from your post, they will be interested in writing your forum.

Supposed digital point have a forum.

Their website is very popular for digital news and products selling. But they also popular for their forum.

Visitors will be able to make discussions on any topics from the digital news.

104. Use short SMS system.

Although this system is used for promoting any paid service.

Supposed you provide the latest news from your website.

Now you can collect mobile phone number from local directories. Or you can contact with SMS service provider.

Now buy a bulk SMS packages and send your short masses to the number.

You must write your whole idea in short words.

105. Add banner on others blog

Like Google AdWords, publishing banner on others blog will increase your website traffic.

You can contact with popular website owner for settings a website banner on their blog.

Now make an eye-catching design by Adobe Flash professional.

You can make a live ad banner by Adobe Flash professional.

106. Start email campaign

Email campaigns also drive traffic to your blog.

Most of the bloggers use e-mail subscription to send their blog updates.

Supposed you write a big article on Google Adsense approval process, now you can write a short e-mail to your audience about your most important blogging article.

From this mail, you will get huge visitors very rapidly.

107. Set up Facebook live

Facebook live is very popular now in social media.

So many people are being popular by using Facebook live program.

If you are a master in SEO, you can arrange a Facebook live program for solving problems about SEO.

Although this live is not like YouTube. In Facebook, everyone can see your live with a low internet connection.

Your friends can ask you questions by comments.

By this way, you can increase your website branding and this way you can increase website traffic.

108. Use the Link Shortener

Link shorter also drives traffic to your site.

Because it's a trick for masking your link. When visitors see that you are using referral links, they didn't click on your link.

Sometimes you have to use big links for increasing SEO traffic. So it's looking bad for sharing.

So when you published with long links, you can share your link with using Google link shorter.

According to shoutmeloud, link shorter will increase your website traffic.

109.  Customize your 404 error page

If you are a blogger, you may have an idea about 404 page ??

404 are those pages which are not found by Google search engine.

It's also call broken link. This link is a very bad link for SEO.

Supposed you delete a post from your blog. When visitors click on your link, they will see that your blog have no page like it.

So you should make an interesting 404 page for staying visitors on your blog.

There has so many web designer who has free script for adding a helpful 404 page.

110. Install Google Analytics and Optimize Your Site

Google Analytics is an awesome tool for monitoring your website traffic.

It will show you the accurate data about your visitors.

It's showing everything from live visitors to old visitors. Google analytic give you data about visitors behavior.

So you can contact and statistics about your visitor's behavior and write article according to it.

Google analytic will help to increase your website traffic.

111. Paid Site Review

Although paid surveys are like guest blogging.

Here you ask blog owner to Make a review about your blog and post it's on their own blog.

This review must be a good review and have referral links.

After finishing the review, you through cash $$ offer for them.

So the visitors will think that your blog is high-quality information.

This review will increase your website traffic very rapidly.

Conclusion the article

In the conclusion, I told you to write some quality content and share it with your visitors.

111 tips will increase your website traffic if you have good content.

Do not use any bad ideas to increase your website traffic. Supposed to post with pornography or other content.

Try to make your visitors as your marketers.

Don't force your visitors to visit your blog.

If you leave you're idles below comment about how to increase website traffic, it will be helpful for everyone.

Please share your best one with your friends.

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