How Can I Get Google AdSense Approval After 13 Times Rejected : My Success Story

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Google AdSense Approval
Google AdSense Approval

It was may 2016 when I think to open a blog. First I think to blogging about technology, news and others hot news. I wrote more than 100 articles on it.

Collect information from most popular site. Write some awesome article about technology.

I use Google trends for writing new blog posts. Got some visitors from social network.

Since it was six months later, I think to apply for Google AdSense approval. Because blog income is increase our inspiration.

First I think Google AdSense approval it is very simple. Just apply and approval. But it's really very difficult to get Google AdSense approval.

After three days later I got an email from Google that my Adsense applications is approved for Google Adsense. Now I need to apply ad code on my blog page.

I was thinking that it's finally time for blog income.

But my think is wrong. After one week later I got a new email that my application is rejected for new insufficient content and clear navigation and under construction website.

I am frustrated that my total efforts was going worthless.

I'm trying to find solutions for it. Searching in Google for finding solutions. There have plenty of article on How to get Google AdSense approval.

What is the solutions for insufficient content

Most of my blog post is 400 to five hundred words. So I rewriting all of my article into 1000+ words. Minimum one month I work harder for resolving this problems.

If you get this mail that you have insufficient content, rewrite your blog posts with more knowledge. Before submitting my next applications for Google AdSense approval, I think textual content must be higher than photos or videos.

So you may rise on insufficient content problems .

The solutions for Under construction website??

Now I search in Google about under construction website. Here I got some suggestions from Bloggerspice owner.

He told me that you have minimum 10 posts for every category. Now I reduce my category. I only keep 3 to 4 category.

Now again I applied for approval Google AdSense.

After two days later I got an e-mail from Google Adsense " Congratulations, your application is approved. Now you can show ad on your website"

I am very happy to see it. I apply ad code on my blog. But the ad doesn't showing nothing.

I wait until the second review.

After one week later I got another email from Google Adsense that my application is rejected due to auto generated content.

How to solve auto generated content problems in Google Adsense??

Before solutions this problems, I think deeply about how to make auto generated content.

Because some bloggers said for writing long article, so I used Google translate for translating from a reputed Russian website.

I don't know before translating that is a problems to translating from any language. Google is most smart than us. It can easily track your content.

It's take very long time for rewriting my article. I change every article that translating from Russian language to English.

After two months later I apply again for Google AdSense approval.

Again Faces same problems, clear navigation. Now I find about clear navigation problems for Google Adsense.

How to solve Adsense clear navigation problems???

I got a solutions for clear navigation.

Because I am new in blogging platforms, so I used some free template. But the free template is not proper SEO optimized.

They used java script in their navigation bar. So the template is not mobile friendly.

Clear navigation is not used java script in template.

So I decided to buy a premium template. I buy a them from bloggerspice owner. He installed this theme in my website.

Now I decided to apply again in Google AdSense.

After three days later I got same masses from Google AdSense. My application is rejected for under construction website.

How can I resolve this problem for under construction website ???

I got suggestions from Google search engine about how to resolve under construction website problems.

Because I write so many category posts. So my blog category is wide range.

Now I decided to reduce my website category.

I change my blog keywords. Now I decided to write review only on mobile app's.

But it's need huge time to delete all of my old article and write new articles on mobile app's review.

So I downloaded app's and test the app's on a long time. Then write a review on this app's.

I write some long post on Google play review. But the specific keywords is problems. My keywords is different types with different types Android app's.

Now article category is very narrow range. All kinds of problems I got from my email is totally resolve.

I think my blog is totally prepared for applying Google AdSense.

I apply again for it. But unfortunately I again rejected from Google AdSense.

Because my article have no sufficient keywords for showing ad's. You may know Google served ad in your blog with your keywords.

Now I am trying to learn about keywords and about how to put keywords in my blog post.

Google keyword planner is help me for searching and selected keywords for putting in my article.

This is 13 times application for approval Google AdSense. I am frustrated about my Google AdSense approval. I think I can't be able to get Google AdSense approval.

But now I got a revolutionary email. I got fully approved in Google AdSense. Now my Ad is live in my blog.

I am so much happy to see the Google AdSense ad on my blog. It's like a dream.

This is my story about Google AdSense approval in my blog. It's best ad network. Although I was trying for Google AdSense alternative, when Google rejected my application. But anyone can't compare with Google AdSense.

I think my story will help you to solve your problem for getting approval from Google AdSense.

If you have any kinds of problems beside this, please share in my comments. I will trying to solve your problem. It will help you to make a handsome blog income. 

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