9 Basic criteria for Applying Google AdSense Approval

Monday, May 08, 2017

Applying Google AdSense Approval
Applying Google AdSense Approval

Those who are very new in blogging platforms, I think you have intentions to blog income. Google AdSense is best way for blog income. Nothing is same as like Google AdSense.

But Google AdSense Approval is very hard for blog income. Because you need to following all of the strict guidelines from Google AdSense.

So the handsome blog income, your blog will be prepare for applying Google AdSense approval.

I write a blog posts about how to get Google Adsense approval after 13 times rejected.

Here I present you the basic criteria for Google AdSense approval.

1. Website template

Website template must be comply with Google Adsense policy. Java script is very attractive for design your website.

But it's not responsive template. Because some mobile browser doesn't support JavaScript menu bar. Google AdSense always support simple HTML coding.

So your navigation will be very simple by HTML coding before apply for Google AdSense.

You may use a premium template from a Web designer. He can help you to make your blog better.

2. Website menu

Before submitting Google Adsense approval, you have to make sure that your blog have three page. One is TOS another is About us and the last one is Contact us page.

TOS page

TOS means terms of service. Every website must have this page before submitting an Google AdSense approval applications.

Here you give description about all of your service you give to visitors. For example you have a website that give some free service to customer. Like free hosting service.

So, before Google Adsense approval applications, you must be write your service terms and service.

How much time your service will be free. Who can use this service. How much bandwidth you give your customers. What kinds of sites are doesn't allow in your hosting.

If you are a blog owner, you have to make a TOS page before submitting Google Adsense approval applications.

Here you have to clear description about your data use by visitors. You declared that you are totally own the content. No one can copy any part of your article without any permission.

Your blog logo or design are your intellectual property. Any kinds of copy of your design is totally prohibited.

Here is example of Wikipedia TOS page.

Benefits of TOS page

TOS page essential for your future security. Online security is very weak in blogging platforms. Any one can copy your content to his site.

Your working labour is totally going worthless for copying from your site. Your website traffic will go down.

Now you can apply to Google for disputes violations with your blog. Then Google will banned the copying website.

Here is example of TOS page of WordPress.
Privacy policy page

Privacy policy page is very important for submitting your application in Google AdSense. This page contains of declaration about using data from visitors. Such as website cookies, e-mail subscription, advertising and others visitors data.

You must be write here about all of your gathered data using place, where you selling this data or using information.

This page will increased your page authority and your page trust. So the visitors will visit your blog regularly.
Contact us page

A contact us page will increased a blog authority and physical reality. Google AdSense always consider your blog physical reality is very important for their publishers.

Because a publishers always trying to publish a their ad on a sustainable blog. So the blog must be a virtual reality can be advantages for Google AdSense approval.

In a contact us page, you give your office address, contact number and e-mail number.

3. Article Quantity

The article is main element of a blog. There have plenty of debate about how much article needs for Google AdSense approval.

There have no specific quantity for Google AdSense approval. But the general suggestions is 30 articles need to approval from Google AdSense.
But there have too many exceptions for Google AdSense approval with 10 to 15 articles. But they have very long article on their specific keywords.

But it's difficult to get approval by short article. So you have to write 30 articles for Google AdSense approval.

4. Article words

Most of the time Google AdSense reply an e-mail that your blog have insufficient content. They suggest you to increase text on your post. So the post needs to increase more textual content.

It's suggesting from reputed site owners that before submitting Google AdSense approval applications, your blog post will be 1500 to 3000 words long. Such kind of post make advantages for approval Google AdSense.

Although you have got some exceptions reference. But your blog my not exceptions. You need to prepare before submitting Google AdSense approval.

5. Posts category

Posts category is very important for approval Google AdSense. You may think to write about hot news. So you gathered huge post from different types. Your post category will be different and increase so many numbers.

But your post category will be effect on Google Adsense approval. Because you must be write minimum 10 posts on every category.

Before submitting your application in Google AdSense approval, you have to confirm that your category have minimum 10 posts on every category.

Either your application will be rejected for under construction website.

6. Organics traffic

Some organics traffic can increase your AdSense approval priority. For increasing your organics traffic, first you need to write your post according to SEO guide line. Then you need to submit your blog into Google webmaster tools.

After indexing your blog, Google will showing your website to search engine. When a visitors find your website on Google search engine, your organics traffic will be increase.

Some time Google AdSense approval is considered organics traffic.

7. Copyright content

Google AdSense is totally prohibited copyright content. You may have idea about copyright content.

Copyright content is those content, which is copying from other blog without a legal permission. After indexing any content, it will identity of first published website owners.

So when anyone think to copy content and republished those content, Google easily track your content as duplicate and copyright content.

Google AdSense doesn't approved such kinds of illegal content.

8. Blog Age

For south Asian country like Bangladesh, China, India, Sri Lanka or Pakistan needs more than 6 months old for Google AdSense approval.

Google AdSense policy have this restriction. Because those countries have so many application to Google AdSense approval.

But their blog age and content maturity is very poor. So the publishers doesn't approved such kinds of websites.

Except this country, you doesn't have restriction for applying Google AdSense approval. Any time you can apply by filling above criteria.

9. Applicant Age

If you are a blog owner of below 18 years old, your application will not accepted. You must be age more than 18.

If your age below 18 years, you can apply with your parents Google account. Although your can blogging below 18 years but AdSense doesn't approved below 18 years old for Google AdSense applications. 

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