Why Bloggers Fail To Successful Blog : 19 Problems With Solution

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bloggers Fail
Bloggers Fail

Failure in blogging is a common problem in blogging world. Huge blogger lost their passion to blog more. Here I present some gathered data about bloggers fail to sustain their passion. Although there have too many personal reasons. But the common reasons are present here. I think bloggers fail for below reasons.

1. Choosing Wrong Niche

This is the first and most important reasons for bloggers fail. Choosing niche is very important.

For example, a student trying to learn HTML code. Now he open a websites about how to design a website by HTML code. But it's difficult to write about web design only by HTML coding knowledge. 

After a time he didn't find any topics for writing. Because his level of knowledge is few. A website designer needs java , CSS, HTML coding knowledge. 

Some time it also need deep knowledge on jQuery, SQL and others. So bloggers fail their passion.

2. Lacking of research
It's another reason for bloggers fail. New blogger trying to post very rapidly. They didn't make any research on blog topics.

 Before making every post, a blogger needs huge research on blog topics. Research on keywords to headlines. Either visitors lost their attraction to read your blog.

 Blogging is very competitive platform. A topics is covered by huge people. So the visitors find an informative article. If anyone fail to present all the latest information on his blog, bloggers fail to target visitors to his blog.

After a time blogger lost his passion to continue. Such kind of bloggers fail in blogging.

3. Lacking of continuous process

It's another reason for bloggers fail. Most of bloggers fail in blogging for losing continuous improvement of blogging. A success full blogger is not a short time methods. 

It's a long time process. When a blogger see the success of other bloggers, they think it's very easy methods. But it's very difficult to success in blogging. 

It's also a time consuming process. For a successful blog, you may waiting for 5 to 10 years. But such time investment is very hard for us. As a result bloggers fail to success in blogging.

4. Lack of Passion

another reason for bloggers fail. Passion is very important for making any creative work. If you want to make money blogging, I think it's your big mistake. 

First you need to write for enjoying. In the real world, a poet or a writers doesn't write for earning. He only write because he enjoying it. So he didn't lost his passion to continue writing. 

You need to think about you as a writers. Continuously read the blogger success stories is good for accelerates your passion. Don't lost your passion ever, either you can failure in blogging.

5. Lack of Creativity

Another reason for bloggers fail. A writers need to think different than other. Because he is a writers. 

Remember everybody doesn't success in writing. So much writers are available in our history. But everyone is not like Shakespeare. He is different from others. His work has a creative sign. 

People always interested in his writing. Same as your blogging. You have to write by more creatively. Either you can failure in blogging.

6. Greed to earn

Another big reason for bloggers fail. Most of the new blogger start blogging for make money blogging. Although it's right to invest your industry for earning something. But the great truth is not easy to earn from blogging. 

The first reason is for not earning is getting approval Google Adsense. The best methods for make money blogging. Google Adsense pay very higher than others. 

But it's too difficult to approval from Google Adsense. Now the bloggers trying from Google Adsense alternative. But it's difficult to earn as much as Google Adsense. 

Once a time, they lost their passion to continue in blogging. As a result bloggers fail in blogging platforms.

7. Lack of Goal

Set a goal before you start. Every work's need to set a goal for success. 

First you need to set a time frame for completed your blogging first stage. For example, I set my first 2 years in beginners stage. The next 1 years for advance level blogging and advertising my blog on internet. After completing 3 years of blogging, I will trying to make money blogging. 

Most of bloggers fail for not set any goal. There goal is earning money as soon as possible. So bloggers fail, successful blog.

8. Lack of personality

It's very important in blogging platforms. Many bloggers fail in blogging platforms for losing their personality. 

The main reason for losing personality is greedy for earning money anymore. They start cheating techniques for it. 

Like offers advance level blogging teaching, but they have no idea about it. They use porn content in their blog for attracting more visitors.

9. Ignoring SEO

SEO is backbone of a blog. Some bloggers fail in blogging for SEO knowledge. 

SEO is very hard and a continuous process of improvement. Google change SEO techniques every day. 

Why SEO is essential?? Is a simple answer, for ranking your blog in Google search engine. Most of the visitors are searching in Google by typing some words. 

In blogging platform, this word is called keywords. Supposed you write a post on make money blogging. Now your keywords is make money and blogging. Now you have to put this keywords in your post. 

When visitors searching in Google search engine, Google search data from it own indexing page. If you make your page proper SEO, Google will view your blog to visitors.

10. Lack of concentration

It's another reason for bloggers fail in blogging platforms. He didn't want to concentrate on good writing. He only concentrate about how to earn from blogging.

So the new blogger fail to success in blogging. 

11. They don't make "instant" money.

Another reason for bloggers fail in blogging. Most of the new blogger trying to make some instant money from blogging.

Some time they were inspired to blogging by reading some successful blogging history to make money blogging. But they don't know the back story of a blogger. 

Blogging is not only for make money. It's also for sharing something you know. Money will come with your reputation.

12. They don't pay their hosting fees

Recently we published a post About how to start your blog with free hosting. I know that most of the bloggers fail to repay his fees for hosting and domain. 

Because he think that he make money by blogging. So when he fail to make money blogging, he lost passion to repay his hosting charges. A blog popularity need time.

 It can be 3 to 5 years. So bloggers fail to continue his blog with payment of hosting charges.

13. They don't pay their internet fees

In third world countries, internet fees is very high. For blogging, you need continuous internet connection. 

When a new blogger see that he have no income, he lost his interesting to invest on his blog. So the result is very bad. The bloggers fail to continue his blogging.

14. They bothered to try new things with fear of 1 & 2 happening to them again

Most of the new blogger fail in blogging fear of happening same thing again. For example, a new blogger trying to make some instant traffic to his blog. He conducted some Facebook campaign, Google AdWords campaign and more. 

When the campaign is running, it was a great traffic. But when he completed his campaign, visitors go down. So that his investment is useless. Remember, you have a nice blog for readers, either visitors lost his interesting to revisit your blog. 

This story happens again and again. So the bloggers lost his passion to more investment. But becoming a successful bloggers, you need continuous improvement. 

15. Afraid of Criticism
Another problem for beginners blogger. The blogging atmosphere is very vast. So that the competition is very high. There have many popular bloggers in blogging platforms. 

So the new blogger always think that their blog fail to computation with professional. Although it's right, but need to remember, afters a continuous improvement you can also make computation with professional.

16. Not Doing Marketing and Promotion

Everybody knows the marketing is extremely need to make popular something. You may have idea about Coca-Cola company. They have a long time reputation in producing beverage products. 100 years of experience in beverage products production. 

But still now they make a big expenses on advertising their products. Like this, your blog also need marketing and promote. You write good content. But you have to reach the visitors with your blog. 

You can conduct some Facebook campaign or AdWords campaign or others advertising network. You can also promote your blog in offline. Email marketing is another way for promoting your blog.

17. Excuse for not having Time

A new blog is like a small tree. It's need to watering, give fertilizer, make some shadow. After a long time you can expect fruit from tree. Blogging is like same. 

You have to invest your time for growing your visitors. Writing article regularly, making SEO analysis. Reading more and more than writing. 

Most of the bloggers fail to give time in blogging. They use copy paste methods for blogging.

18. Poor Blog Post length

Some time ago, a blogger ask me about how much post he can submit everyday in his blog. Because they know that more post is more visitors. 

So they lost quality of post. Everything post on their blog. Doesn't conduct any SEO or research. They write post in 300 to 500 length. 

According to recent research, Google rank higher those post, which is contained more words.

19. Bad site navigation

It's another reason for bloggers fail in blogging. For a successful blog, you have a nice design blog. Blog must be visitors friendly. Now the century of mobile, tablets, computer and laptops. So you must have a blog, which is responsive with all device. 

I just describe here some reason for bloggers fail in blogging. It's my personal experience that most of bloggers think the blogging as below..

1. Creating an account on a blogging platforms

2) Then Writing some articles.

3) Now making money by blogging

I think some solution for a new blogger. It will help you to promote your blogging experience.

1) Choose the topic you want to write about. You should be very specific in this question. 

It’s not a good idea to write about everything in the world, because this decrease the number of your potential followers. 

As for a specific topic of your blog, you should have your own UNIQUE PROPOSITION for the audience, it will help you to attract only those people who are really interested in you and who are eager to stay with you forever.

2) Then decide on your target audience. Many factors concerning your blogging depend on TA: the style of writing, the columns and the layout of your blog, etc.

3) The next step is to decide how often do you want to post your articles (every Monday or every Wednesday and Sunday), moreover it is better to choose the exact time when you are going to post something.

You should strictly follow your blogging “timetable”, otherwise it AGAIN may decrease the number of your potential followers.

4) Choose the most suitable blogging platform for you
5) Start writing, keeping in mind your target audience, style of writing, columns, timetable, etc.
6) Don’t’ forget to promote your blog using special tools
7) And the last but not the least one: don’t’ forget to ask for feedback, your followers can give a good piece of advice to you.

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