Top 40 Questions And Answers About Google Adsense : Before And After Approval

Friday, April 28, 2017

Google Adsense  Approval
Google Adsense  Approval

20 Important Questions and Answers Before Submitting Google AdSense Application

1. Which blogging platforms is best for Google AdSense Approval ?

There have so many Blogging Platforms . Some bloggers think that they use blog spot blogging platform for Approval Google AdSense .

But the actual scenario is no exclusive blogging platforms for approval Google AdSense. Any platform blog spot or WordPress or others blog platform can use for approval Google AdSense. Google AdSense doesn't have any policy for it.

2. Can I use free platform for approval Google AdSense ?

Some blogging platforms like weebly, Blogspot or WordPress have opportunity for free blogging. But you have to add an extension after the blog name.

For example Here you got an extension after your blog name. Before three to four years ago, Google AdSense approved blogspot extension blog.

But it's too difficult now. Now you have to approved by Google non hosted account. Other free platforms doesn't support Google AdSense.

3. How many types of Google AdSense ?

Two types of Google AdSense is available. One is hosted and another is non hosted.

The hosted account is only use for Google products. and blogspot blogging platform. Besides it, non hosted account can use any platform.

More than 500 website can use on a non hosted account. Although it's difficult to make approval for a non hosted AdSense account.

4. How much article needs for Google AdSense approval ?

No special requirements for approval. You have to write some quality article on your niche or blog topics. 10/20/30 article is best. 30 is best for approval Google AdSense.

According to recent forum threads, 30 article is best for Google AdSense approval. Remember article quality is need. Not to quantity.

5. How much words need in an article?

Minimum 1000 is best. The more is best for approval Google AdSense. According to the nail Patel blog, the big article is good for SEO.

Google AdSense always consider organics traffic for approval. If you are write a 2000 to 3000 words article, it will be great for you. 20 to 30 article on your blog in 2000 to 3000 word.

6. How much image need in article?

Basically the post is well designed by using some related images. A major image on the top of the post can attract visitors. 20 images is best for a post. You can also include more image.

The image can be graphical data, statistical analysis or others visual content.

7. Is it possible with copy content?

Copy content is totally prohibited in Google AdSense.

Some time new blogger trying to post very rapidly. So they copy content from popular blog. After they applied for approval Google AdSense, the reply mail is said that his website doesn't comply with Google AdSense policy, because they found copy content in this blog.

So do not think to copy content from others.

8. Is it possible to use copyright content?

No No and No. Copyright content is always prohibited in Google AdSense.

Any kinds of copyright content, partly, fully or partially. All kinds of copyright content is not permitted in Google Adsense. Always remember, Google adsense use Google boats for filtering your blog posts.

 So article must be unique. Either Google doesn't approved your application.

9. Is it possible to use article rewriting?

Another burning questions for new blogger. Because it's a difficult task to write new articles, so the new blogger always trying to rewriting somebody article who are popular in online.

Article rewriting is a professional work. First you need to read the full article and write post on the basis of article summary. Very very sensitive work.

 If any sentences will be similar, your application will be rejected.

10. Do I use article spinning tools?

It's another awesome tools for writing article. Some website give this service. Small Seo Tools is one of them. Here you write your Copy Paste content and it will charges some words,

sentences structure, similar words. Google boats easily track your content and rejected your application.

From my own experience, Google easily track me. Then I change all of my article.

11. Rewriting but Check by copscape

It's another problem for new blogger. They always ask you for rewriting article but copyscape checked. Using article spinning tools and small SEO tools for writing article. Then checked by copyscape site.

It's will show that your post is 100% unique post. But the Google can easily track your content. It's will show that your content is not permitted in Google AdSense.

12. Any advantages by Using Google AdWords campaign ?

No, you can't got any advantages by Using Google AdWords campaign in your blog.  Although you can start a campaign in Google AdWords by copyright content.

But you can't got approval from Google AdSense with copyright content. So don't think that Google gives you priority for using Google AdWords.

You may expenses thousands dollars for AdWords campaign but Google AdSense approval need to comply with their program policy.

13. Unique article but image from google ?

I already discuss that the  Copyright content is always prohibited in Google AdSense. Google image is published by people. It's copyright by some one in their website.

So it's not permitted to use copyright content. But you can use image from cc website. It's totally prohibited for use by any kinds of resizing or redesigned. pexels is such kinds of websites.

Here all the photos is free to use.

14. Does Alexa rank have any influence for approval Google AdSense ?

First you need to know that Alexa is different ranking factor from Google. Alexa is owned by Amazon company. It's showing your website raking in the world website competition. It's doesn't make any influence on Google Adsense.

A new blog which have 0% Alexa Rank but have 100% unique post. It can got approval from Google Adsense.

So Alexa Rank doesn't need for approval Google Adsense.

15. How much traffic needs for Google Adsense approval?

I say 0% traffic everyday. !!! No special Website Traffic requirements for approval Google Adsense. You can apply with 0 traffic in your website.

Google Adsense always consider your unique article. So the visitors with come automatically. Remember, for approval Google Adsense, you need quality content not quality visitors.

16. Is it problems with social media traffic?
No it's not problem for approval Google AdSense. Social media traffic will be your advantages for approval Google AdSense.

Today most of the bloggers use social media for promoting their blog posts. So you can apply Google AdSense with social media traffic.

18. Is it possible with .tk or others free domain ?

No, Google AdSense only allows to level domain. You may know about top level domain. .com, .us or others which is buying from domain providers company. .tk is a popular free domain providers company. You can use this domain name for one years.

19. How much time need for approval an application ?

An application for approval is need 7 days for approval. First you got an approval from Google AdSense automatic service.

Then AdSense ask for applied their ad code on your website page. Then they will make seconds review. If you pass for second review, you got fully approved Google AdSense account.

20 . How much old blog can apply for Google AdSense ?

If you are from south Asian country like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and China, you need 6 month old blog for approval Google AdSense.

If you are not belong in this country, you can apply Google AdSense any time. But its very good for approval, if you apply with fully prepared.

If you fail to approved from google Adsense below post is the solution of Google Adsense Alternatives. 

20 Questions and Answers After Google AdSense Approval

1. How much Ad can be shown in a page ?

There have no limitations for showing ad on a page. 3 or 4, 5 can approved by Google AdSense. No limitations need.
So you can apply AdSense code anywhere in your blog posts. There have a complete guide line you got from Google AdSense policy.

You can seen their video also for applied right place.
Google Adsense  Approval

2. Which as size is best for earning?

There have different size and format for Google Ad Sense ad.  All size are not give you good earning. Most of the bloggers use a long and a short size ad on blog.

The most effective is the 728x90 leader-board, 336x280 large rectangle, the 300x250 medium rectangle, the 300x600 half page, and on mobile is 320x100. But now the bloggers use page level ads on their blog.

It's only show when visitors use mobile phone.
Google Adsense  Approval

3. What is mobile ad and desktop ad ?

Mobile ads and desktop ad size are different. If you are a big size ad for desktop, remember your ad Will be shown in mobile also. The solution is using responsive design.

Responsive ad placement will give you full control over your ad. Supposed you use an ad on your headers section. You make it responsive ad.

You show that your ad size will change automatically with device.

4.What's happening if I give copyright content after getting approval

This trick is so bad for a approval Google AdSense account. According to Google AdSense policy, they always monitor your website. Because they maximized their advertiser profit.

If their network find any kinds of illegal activity on your website, they will suspend your blog and close your account.

So the summary is happening bad for doing illegal after getting approval.

5. How to maximum ad revenue ?

No secrets trick for maximum your blog without huge traffic. Traffic must be generated organics.

You can start blogging on some high paying keywords. Search on the Google and you will find some high paying keywords.

If your visitors click on the ad, you will pay higher than regular keywords ad. Organics Traffic is best for earning from Google AdSense. Because the returning visitors rarely click on your ad. So the income also lower.

6. Is it possible to click on my own ad ?
It's totally prohibited in Google AdSense. You can't click on your own AdSense ad.

\When Google send you the final mail for your approval, they will say you for not clicking on your own Ads.

Google AdSense have a powerful tool for tracking your own click. So they suspend your account if they find any kinds of fault from you.

7. Why my AdSense approval is suspended ?

Only for illegal activity, your account can suspend. Don't afraid for account suspension if you blogging in a legal way.

Although you have notified if you are violated any kinds of rules of Google AdSense.

10. Is it possible to use relative ad with Google AdSense ?

Relative ad's is possible with Google AdSense. Sometimes website owners trying to make some extra money by Google AdSense alternative.

But Google AdSense doesn't approved all kinds of ad networks. is one of them. They pay very good as like Google AdSense.

Google Adsense  Approval

11. What happens if I use auto surfing software for traffic ?

It's totally prohibited use auto surfing software for generating traffic.

Google AdSense have tracking system. They can easily track your illegal activity. If they find such kinds of illegal activity, you will be banned.

Beside this, fake traffic doesn't make any click on your ad, so income can be so lower than real traffic.

12. Is it possible to hired someone to click on my ads ?

Always remember, Google boat is very smart than you. Some people make international group for click on their blog ad cooperatively.

But when a person continually click on a specific website, Google can easily track you. So as soon as possible, your Google AdSense account will be suspended.

13. I use IP hiding software for click on my ad ?

It's another methods to use a mask when you are browsing internet. Many users use this tools for hiding them from tracking. But it's difficult to hide you for internet giant Google.

Google controls all over the world. So you can't think to cheat with Google.

If you are using such kinds of software for generating click on your own Ads, you will be banned as soon as possible.

14. Redirect traffic from pornography site ?

In the secret internet world, pornography site is very popular. Some bloggers use this trick for redirect visitors to another site.

They advertising their website to social media with nude picture. So when a visitors click on the picture link, they will redirect from this website to the real website.

Google AdSense is totally prohibited this trick.

15.Redirect traffic from pornography site.
Pop-up ads is not allowed in Google Adsense. This types of ad Will force the visitors to see the ad and click on the ad.

So the click is increasing highly. This is not advertising methods. If the Visitors click on ad naturally, it's

16. Write a help section for click on your ad ?

Some blogger use to pray visitors for clicking on the ad. So the visitors will influence to click on the ad. For example a blogger said that he operate a free online course to poor children. How he beg a click on his ad . He expense his total income beyond the poor children education. Google doesnt approved such kinds of illegal work.

17. View ad on the video for click play option ?

This is another fake ad showing option for smart blogger. They use the java code for showing ad on the video.

So when a visitors try to play the video, they click on the ad. This will increase the CRT revenue of Google AdSense .

Google AdSense doesn't allow such kinds of tricks.

Google Adsense  Approval

18. View ad before downloading button ?

Video downloading site use customize code to show ad below the download button. So when the visitors try to download from their site they click on the ad rather than the download button.

This misleading tricks give bad interface to user. Google prohibited this ad type.

19. Using nude picture on social media for attracting visitors

Some bloggers use this trick for redirect visitors to blog. They use different types of photos on their social media posts. Now the visitors click on the post.

Visitors will return very soon from your website. Google AdSense doesn't approved such kinds of illegal activity. You can banned from Google AdSense.

20. Using social spamming.

Some bloggers use social spamming like commenting on social media posts. Everywhere they make comments below the post. It's called spamming. Google webmaster tools treat them as spammers.

Those website will banned from Google indexing. So AdSense will automatically banned your website.

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