19 Best use of Twitter to increase website traffic

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Best  use of  Twitter  to increase website traffic
Best  use of  Twitter  to increase website traffic

Twitter is one of the biggest social media in the world and also a greater source of websites traffic.

Millions of active users are obtainable on Twitter.

Utmost every celebrity in the world have a twitter account.

Because Twitter is an easy method for sharing something.

Here you can share everything you want like text, images or video.

Twitter not like Facebook or other social media.

The Facebook friend is named friends. But here have no friends. Here is call follower.

No restrictions on making friends like Facebook. Millions of followers you can add on Twitter.

But you can't share a long post like Facebook. Only 160 characters are allowed to post.

Our main objectives in this post are to discuss on how Twitter is a great place for driving website traffic to a  blog.

Every social media have some extra technique that makes its different from other.

Yeah, the # Hashtag option is totally different from other social media.

The popular story around the world is shared by # Hashtag sign.

Twitter have an option to see the statistics about how many viewers engaging in your post.

Twitter also have paid advertising system. So the post by using paid service will reach more visitors.

After a long time research, I collect 19 major technique for increasing website traffic by Twitter.

Here I will give you 19 technique for driving website traffic from Twitter

1. Make your Twitter profile interesting

The profile is The first step of driving website traffic.

People are always interested to read something funny on social network networks.

So the first step is to make your social profile more interesting to your follower.

Give your full name and information about your study and job. People will be thinking, you are a real man. No fake account.

Then Change your cover photo to something awesome. You may create your Twitter cover page by some online tools.

Now share some inquisitive tweet, photos or video clips. People will allure your profile and start to follow you.

NB: Twitter has an option to share your Facebook profile update.

You just need to link up your Facebook profile with Twitter.

2. Pick a niche-targeted username

If you want to share your blog on Twitter, create a profile name related with your website or blog.

For example, Someone has a website on blogging and earning niche, now the Twitter URL is "Twitter.com/bloggingearning" And username will be bloggingearning.

This trick will help to increase twitter profile searching result on google search engine.

So the Twitter follower think that the profile is about blogging and earning-related content.

But if you are popular by your own name on Twitter, don't need to change.

3. Put your site/blog URL in your profile

Facebook profile have long details options in the about section. But on Twitter, it's different.

On Twitter, you can add only a few details about you.

Just your name and your website.

So when follower searching on about section, he also visits your website.

So put your website URL on your Twitter profile.

Now share every blog post with the Twitter follower.

4. Send the link to your profile to your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances

Share every post of your blog with the Twitter follower.

You know, Twitter have short massage option.

So write a short message including your recent posts link and send to your follower.

Remember, do not send any message repeatedly.

Because the Twitter system will detect you as spammer account.

5. Search for Twitter users with similar interests

it's another way to get bigger audience impressions on your post very effectively.

Supposed, you share post regularly. But your Twitter followers is a different manner.

So like or share your post is very less.

Search your similar interested Twitter followers.

If you write about blogging and earning, search people who are interested in blogging and earning.

So you got more like and share a post on Twitter.

6. Socialize on Twitter as much as you can

In third world country, Twitter isn't popular like Facebook, so the people are not active on Twitter.

if you want to popular on Twitter, you have to increase your Twitter activity. Like regular post photos and text.

If you are unable to do this,  just link your Facebook account with Twitter.

Now your Facebook post will automatically share on Twitter.

Try to retweet another followers post. Do like on your follower's post as you can.

Share more photo, post or short video on your profile to make your profile more socialize.

7. Tweet regularly

Most of the people on Twitter who doesn't tweet regularly.

Because of unknown Follower.

But day by day your popularity will decrease and once a time you're popular will be zero.

So tweet impression is very low.

People also lost interesting to read your post and unfollow you on Twitter.

8. Don't spam

Twitter is a highly sensitive social network.

if you make any spamming on Twitter, you will be banned forever.

Some mistake like repeatedly posting one text or Share your blog with a spamming link will detect as spamming.

Pornography photo is not allowed in Twitter.

9. Add Twitter gadgets to your site.

Like Facebook, Twitter also has the option to add widget on the blog.

Twitter gadgets are best for getting website traffic.

It shows how many followers and recent posts on your profile.

Visitors have a clear concept of your popularity on Twitter.

They also get the concept on your social network popularity.

Best  use of  Twitter  to increase website traffic

10. Use # Hashtag by your website name

Hashtag # make Twitter different from another social network.

Popular news or something popular in the world is share by using the hashtag.

Google search engine show your hash # tag in the search result.

For example, we use "#blogpairs" as our hashtag. So when visitors search by typing "blogpairs", Google shows your post on search results.

Any photo or post you share on Twitter just uses a hashtag in the text post.

11. Use visuals content.

Visual content gets more traffic than text content.

In the past time, Twitter only has text content system.

But after time twitter introduce visual content like a photo, video.

Now Twitter introduces the live video.

Twitter visual content received more traffic.

Twitter image post got 89% more favorites, 18% more click and 150% more retweets than a text post.

12. Mini infographics

You may know about infographics photo. The infographic shows huge data in one photo.

Along with height photo shows a description at some point.

It's may show the details about subjects.

For example, you write about blogging platforms. So the summary is infographic picture of the post.

You make a left right column and explain here about your post.

Some online tools give you a free service for making infographics.

13.Images containing quotes

People are always interested invaluable quotes from the famous person.

From my own experience, such kinds of post are getting more share than another post.

For testing, share a natural photography on Twitter And share an image containing quotes.

You got more favorite and more share rather than natural photography.

14. @Mention influencers

Twitter has the @mention system for mentioned someone.

You may know some follower who likes your blog.

When you post on Twitter, you can mention your follower by using @mention tag.

They get notification from your tweet. And they will visit your post after getting notifications.

Do not mention any friends who are not interested your Twitter.

Remember, Twitter has a high spamming system. So don’t make any spamming on Twitter.

Best  use of  Twitter  to increase website traffic

15. Include trending subject on hash # tag

Twitter has hashtag options.

People use the hashtag to share popular keywords in online.

For example, the Valentine day hashtag is #valentine.

So when you share something on Valentine special post, you use #Valentine tag after your tweet.

If people click on Valentine hashtag, they also find you.

Best  use of  Twitter  to increase website traffic

16. Write great headlines

You may read New York Times or Guardian.

They cover news with fantastic headlines.

Always remember, when people firstly look at a newspaper, they only look at the headline.

So your post headline is very important. Try to share some awesome post with great headlines.

17 Search on Twitter

Twitter is a vast data server.

You got huge data from Twitter.

Because million of people share a million tweets daily on Twitter.

Before writing a tweet, you can search on Twitter for the topics.

Now decide what you are share and how you are share.

18. Pin a great tweet

Twitter have the option to pin post on the top of your profile.

Test your post and see which is getting more engagement on Twitter And then pin it on the top of your profile.

When a new follower visit your profile and he will see your popular post and click on the link.

19. Embed Twitter posts on your website, in your blog posts

Post Embed is another option on Twitter.

If you share any post on twitter which is related to your blog post, you can share this tweet on your post by embedding it on the post.


Website traffic is very important for earning money. Every social media help to increase website traffic.

Twitter is a wide network for driving website traffic. But you have to hard work for completing in a successful way.

So don't late anymore, start from now.

Do you think Twitter is different from Facebook or Google plus ?? I think Twitter is different. 

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