3 Secret Online Income Methods for New Freelancer

Saturday, February 11, 2017

3 Secrete Online Income Methods for New Freelancer
3 Secrete Online Income Methods for New Freelancer

If you want to make money from home online, you must have knowledge about how to make online income. For learning this knowledge, you may search in online to find a way for online income. But I ask you ? Do you find any perfect solution??? The answer is absolutely no. When I was new in freelancing market, I also search as like you for online income. Long time ago I find some solution for me. Now I present you this methods for online income. Remember, you need hard labor and study for online income. Here I give some secret behind the online income. But it’s not perfect solution for long time. I suggest to open a blog and write article about your love and work. That will give you the best online income for a long time.

PTC Site

If you are new in online, you can earn 100$ from PTC by doing some easy work!!! PTC mean Pay per click. Do you surprise to see the online income?? No, you not need to surprise. it’s possible. Its also a best referral programs in online. You doesn’t need any basic knowledge on HTML or Photoshop for income from PTC site. PTC site was first introduced in 2003. But it was popular in 2007 after introducing ClixSense Inc (USA) by Jim Grago. After then 2008 Fernando Neobux was open from Portugal. But it's also have office in USA. in 2009 Tim Kolb introduce a site name Bucket247 from Germany. Serenity & Saket(indian) open a new website from Finland name Cashnhits. There have huge PTC site But Neobux/clixsence /Ayuwage & Innocurrent have a good reputation. Although some people have very rough experience with PTC. I will discuss about the bad site of PTC later. First you need to find a best PTC site from Internet. Then open account.

How can find an original PTC
For a good online income, you must be finding a reliable site. Some criteria are here for original PTC site.

  • Site age must be 5 years old.
  • Site must have good review in Google.
  • Site must have good review for payment.
  • Site must have various payment methods like PayPal, Bank transfer, chaque payment.
  • Alexa rank must be good.
Sample of PTC site and online income method

About 3 million members are register account in NEOBUX. NEOBUX pay 10 million dollar every months. After opening an account on NEOBUX, you got every day 25 to 30 ads. For every ads they pay 0.0001 cent. After viewing 30 ads, you got 0.03$. If you got 0.03$ every day, 30X3=0.09$ dollar a day. You may think it’s very low for you. I give you a secrete tips for incoming more from NEOBUX.
Yes its get referrals bonus. You can incoming money by get referrals from another people. NEOBUX pay good bonus for get referrals. You got payment same as your referral got. Its mean 0.03 for each get referral. If you refer 100X0.03=3$ per day. So 3X30=90$ per month. If you get referral 200 account holder, you got 180$ per month.

Two kinds of referral
1.Direct Referral
2.Rented Referral

Direct referral
After opening account in NEOBUX, you get referral link. Now your job is to share your referral link in online. If any referrals come from your direct link which is sharing by you, it’s your direct referral. You can got direct referral bonus by sharing your referral link on Facebook, twitter, Google plus or other social media. Some people also share there referral link by posting article in online. But it's difficult for first 6 month. You may need long time for successful by referral.

Rented referral
It’s like rent a shop. Some people who sign up in NEOBUX without referral I mean directly. They are regular for showing ads every day. Because they have no referral, so NEOBUX sell such kinds of account to customer for get referral. You can buy this referral account for 30 days to 240 days. You can expend your time as you can. Supposed you rent an account for 0.20 cent, if your referral work every day, you got 1.20$ per month. If your referral doesn't work, you can change your rented account to another referral account. You can learn from forum or help section of NEOBUX.

The secret tips for income from NEOBUX without investment
NEOBUX have investment system for getting more online income. But you don't need to invest something here. You can do online income from NEOBUX without any investment. How can do this ?? I give you the secret.

First you need to open an account on NEOBUX. Then view ads till you got 1$ dollar. In this time you can search online for more knowledge about NEOBUX Rental Referral account system and try to get referral. By 1.00$ you can buy 5 RR account. After 10 days you may income 5$. Then you buy more 50 RR Account. Then stop buying account. After 20 days later you got 20$ from 50 account. By 20$ you can buy 100 account. After 20 days later you got 30$ from 100 account. By 30$ you got 150 account. In this way you buy 300 accounts. If all of your RR account work daily, you can earn 180$ every day. But you may wait minimum 6 month for get Referral and make online income by this system.

Social network Income

If you are new in online income, this is great news for you. You may have knowledge in Facebook. How it will be pleasure for you, if Facebook pay you?? I think it will be so pleasure for everyone. TSŪ is one of them. They share 90% of their advertise profit with their users. If you work TSŪ properly, you can make online income from there. TSŪ is a social network like Facebook or twitter. They open this website with compering Facebook. Their methods is also base on your get Referral bonus.

How can join TSŪ
In Facebook or twitter, you can join without any invitation. But in TSŪ you can't join without get referral invitation. A friend needs to invite you for join. After getting invitation, you can join TSŪ. But it’s may be disgusting for posting TSŪ every day. So you may connect your Facebook and twitter account with TSŪ. Then your post will be automatically posting on Facebook and twitter. You can earn by like, comment and sharing post. TSŪ have some rules for posting are sharing.

Some rules for TSŪ
1. You can pending 50 friend request per week.
2.You can follow not more than 1000 people.
3. You can post 36 in 24 hour.
4. You can share your own 8 post in 24 hour.
5. Friend must be in 5000.
6.You can follow an unlimited people.

If you work daily and invite to join your friends by referral, you may earn 10$ per month.
Some secrets tips for more income from TSŪ.
1. Share your referral link as you can.
2. Increase your referral friend to 2000.
3. Post minimum 20 to 36 every day.
4. Give more like, share and comment.
5. Try to make friends those people who have more friend. Because you got more income from them.

Link shorten

It’s another online income method for new blogger. You need some SEO knowledge for such online income by link shorter. It’s a good way for those people who didn't got Google AdSense or blogging in unsupported language like Bengali or Hindi. Adult site is good for it. Like adult health.

How to start Link Shorter for online income
First you need to open a blog in blogger free site. Then write minimum 50 articles on your blog topics. Now open a Facebook account and make 5000 friends on it. Everyday share your post with your friends. You can also share your post in Google plus group. Now open an account on Adfly . Follow the instructions for add code on your blog. They pay you by showing ad. So more visitors mean more money. They pay minimum 2$. If you have 5000 visitors in a month, you got 20$ to 50$ dollar online income per month. Adfly payment system is very good. If you are new in freelance world and want to get online income easily, Link Shorter is one of good way.

If you are a new worker in online and have little bit knowledge in freelance, you can work in MICROWORKERS for little online income. 10$ to 20$ dollars is very easy to earn from MICROWORKERS. Their job is very small and easy. Just like sign up, share, comment or others.

How to starting on MICROWORKERS
First you have to open an account on MICROWORKERS. Then complete your profile. Now you got new job every day. With every job, you also got tome to finish job. You have to finished job on time. If your success in job complete under 75%, you can't work next 1 to 30 days. After complete your earning 10$ , you got a verification pin code. Which will be manually send to your address. Cheque, PayPal or moneybookers payment is available.


It's very easy job. You just need to sign up in an specific website.

Twitter Share
It’s will be sharing a twitter post or following someone.

Blog Posting
if you have a blog, you can write a short article on you blog in 50 to 100 words.

Text link share
You need a blog where you share a text link with your readers.

Forum posting
Its also another job, but is something difficult than other job. You need to be members of specific forum and posting there.

Yahoo answers
It’s also easy job. You just answer some question by referring a web link.

YouTube subscription
This is also an easy job. You just need to subscribe a YouTube channel. And share its video.

Here is three type of Secrete Online Income Methods for New Freelancer. Remember all the income need so much time. Don’t try to hurry or illegal way for online income. Online income is a long time methods. So try to learn more.

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