7 Kinds of Content Help for Increase Website Traffic

Friday, February 10, 2017

Top 6 best keyboards for android
Top 6 best keyboards for android

Website traffic is main element of a blog. Without website traffic, blogging is meaningless. It’s like a shop without customer. But the content is main element of a blog. Because the visitors is coming for reading your content. It’s the main source of website traffic. If you want to earn from blog, you must be concern on website traffic. But the debate is about quality and quantity. What kinds of blog content got more traffic?? So much quantity article or quality article. Most of the debaters say that the quality is main not quantity. Because every day, huge quantity blog article are published in online community. But everyone doesn't got same traffic.

How to

You may know about wiki how website. They got huge website traffic and visitors every day. Because most of the people come in online for solving their problems.Visitors search in Google with ask question like "how to solve " or "How to make". So for your better result in website traffic, first you need to think about people wants in their search. Then write a post about to solve the problem. Your title show the post inside materials. Such as you have a blog on HTML tutorial. You search on Google about popular question on HTML. Now write a post on it. Like how to make an email subscribe button. Your post title must be show your post body. There have huge blog following this simple trick.

Top 10/11

In a wide Internet world, there have huge data on any specific subject. Like blogging platforms. Everyday huge people write on it. But the visitors have no time to read all the post for his data. They find some blog, who is ready for his information. People love those blog where is gathering data in one single post and such kinds of post got more website traffic . So you need to try hard for gathering data in one post. Your data should be ranking by the best. For example, you write on blogging platforms. So there have plenty of blogging platforms in the world. You collect top 11 blogging platforms for blogger. Or for traveler, you collect top ten beautiful place in USA for your next trip. This kinds of post will be bump your blog traffic.

Successful Story

Everyone want to be success in his life. Either he will try or not. From my own experience, my successful story type post got more website traffic than other's. People are interested to read this story for development his own life . inspired by his story. Suppose you are a blogger write on blogging. You can share some successful blogger life like this post. Although its sometimes difficult to gather data. But every blogger have about page. Where have his life story. Brief description about his successful about his blog. Some blog also post about his income report every month. You can also analysis his report and write a details post.

Good Title

Title is main element for attracting a visitors. Most of the time people are come to visiting any website by seeing the title of a post. A title have some part for combination word. First you think about the power word of a title. Then the emotional words. Because people are some emotional post for reading. Power words drive website traffic by saying words power. Like must be or should be. Then use keywords on your title. Don't try to misleading your readers. It means you article body is different than your title. So that people will not return your blog again.

Catchy Photoshop

Content marketing is now drive to visual content. People are like to share your creativity on social network like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and others. Now people are like art by photo-shoot. Photo blog is now much popular than other's. So you have to learn Photoshop and other multimedia. You can create some awesome cover photo for your post. It will bring visitors from online. Google image search is also popular. Your Photoshop creativity is prove your professionalism on blogging.

Evergreen post

Evergreen post also got website traffic from search engine. Evergreen post is those website traffic, which have accessibility for all time. Like this post, I write here about kinds of content that will be got more website traffic. It will be an evergreen post. Because, I write this post for every time . There have no statistical data here. No recent news or recent update for future. So that post can use by anyone any time.

Include Video

Visual thing are most effective than writing article. Suppose you write an article on Photoshop tutorial. You can also make a related video on the tutorial. And you can upload this video on YouTube and embedded this code on your post. Now visitors will more impress.

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