Ultimate Guide for Guest blogging: Guest blogging A to Z

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ultimate Guide for Guest blogging: Guest blogging A to Z
Ultimate Guide for Guest blogging: Guest blogging A to Z

if you ask someone for web traffic, he may suggested you for guest posting or guest blogging. But as a new blogger, you may ask question about guest blogging. Yes, the definition of guest blogging is writing a post on a blog like guest. You may pay for it or not. It's totally depends on your writing ability. So how to be a professional guest blogger?? Here I give you some technique for being a guest blogger.

1.Why Need Guest blogging ??

Before we start a guest blogging, you may have question about why you need guest blogging?? Guest blogging is totally needed for increasing your web traffic and web searching popularity. Its link exchanging link by another popular website and attract visitors to visit your site. Because of new website doesn't get more viewers as like an old website. So when visitors see your quality post in a popular blog, he may interest to visit your website for another article. Google page rank also affected by getting link from popular blog. When you share your link in high page rank website, your website will be treated as a good website on the eye of Google search engine.

Some technique for being a guest Blogger

1.Contact Blog Owner for guest blogging

Some blog are very popular in online. They post one more article every day. So it's not possible for writing article by one person. They search for quality article writer. So the main objective is writing some great post on their website. You just need to write some different article which is related with your requested blog, and put some link of your post in article. The visitors will come by this link. You can collect the blog owner email ID by contact page.

2.Comments for gust post

Sometimes we collect some blog email address from blog contact page. But its really doesn't work ever. Because the blog owner doesn't look his inbox or see its spam massages. So you need to find another alternative way by blog commenting. Although it's also a long time procedure. You have to comment every post for a long time. After then, he will know about you. Your comment must have quality. I mean related with post. Then you contact him or write something that expresses you for guest posting. He will accept you. But you must be put your blog link on the post very sincerely. Either the readers can't click on your link. Do not try to share your blog link on comment. Because it's treated as spamming.

3.Increase social activity

Social network will increase your blog authority in online. There have different social media where can you share your blogging experience by helping them about blog or something related with your blog topics. Such as you write a blog about web design. Now find some Google plus, Facebook, LinkedIn group or forum which is related with your blog topics. You see there have huge question about web design. You try to make some suggestion to solve their problem. If you will be able to make you popular, now you ask those people blog for guest posting. Because they have a good idea about your writing ability, so you may invited for a guest posting on their blog.

4.Update suggestion of old post

Guest is not always guest as s new blogger. A professional blogger think a new blogger as a bomb. Any time he can spoil an old reputed blog. Because of his unprofessional writing behavior. Most of the new beginner blogger following another popular blog. Sometimes they think to copy content from others websites. Or try to rewriting popular blog post. Because it's an easy method to post his blog.

So the professional blogger didn't want to give permission to write his blog. As a blogging for beginners, you need to take some trick. First you need to read the requested blog very carefully. Then find any old post. Which have some old data to update. Now sent a mail to the blog owner that you want to update his post and make a Dofollow link in the post.

5.Developed your own blog

Every professional blogger want to see your blog popularity and professionalism in blog writing. So when you want to ask for guest blogging, you need to make a professional blog site for giving your sample work in blogging. Either the blog owner cannot interest for giving you chance for guest blogging. So before applying guest blogging, you try to developed a site where have some quality post.

6.Learn some basic knowledge

You may have knowledge about HTML, CSS, SEO or SCHIMA. Yes, you need to learn basics on HTML language. With this knowledge you are able to design a post according to professional look. Because a professional blogger use some technique for SEO friendly post.

A SEO is background technique for making a post search engine friendly. CSS is need for decoration a post. You need to change color, space or other. SEO is need for researching keywords according to the post. You have to lean basics knowledge about keyword’s researching also. Because keywords are very need for increasing search traffic. You can learn about this from Internet or from video tutorials of YouTube.

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