Top 5 Myths About Freelancing Jobs

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Top 5 Myths about freelancing jobs
Top 5 Myths about freelancing jobs

In our world, people still know very little about freelancing job, so it goes about a lot of myth about freelancing job. People often think that who work as a freelancer, they just feel lazy and slackers. Because people see that the freelancer sitting on a chair and clicking or typing something on laptop or desktop in their house. They went out from their house very rarely. But no one knows that, how hard is a freelancer work? It’s a difficult job to survive in freelance market. Because, a service holder compete one time in his life. But a freelancer compete every time with worldwide freelancer.
Here i collect some information about those people who work as freelancer and some top Myth about freelancer job. I think it’s may resolve the people bad thinking.

Top 5 Myths about freelancing job

The First Myth

Concept of freelancer
People have no clear concept about freelancer job. Different people have different idea. Most of people think that the freelancer is jobless person. They work at home and earn some money.

The Truth
Let's look at the concept of freelance workers. The freelancer worker is a person who works officially in the firm, but not sitting in the office and works at home. But a freelancer is not just a designer but also the operate on someone wants and when he wants. Usually, a freelancer have no definite timetable and he was not a permanent employee. When a freelancer performed his job, he get money immediately.

The second myth

It was a based concept that the freelancer worker working at a time when he was just free. Most of the people think that the freelancer work at his free time. It's like free is for free time worker.
Although there have so much freelancer who work on his free time. But a freelancer needs more time for his job. Because his work is very competitive. So he done his job very carefully.

The Truth
But fundamentally this concept is not true. Because the freelancer must be work on a time when the employer wants. usually it was happens in day or after lunch. And the employee must be check that the employer has to be online during the work the freelancer will be responsible for chief posts. The difference of an office worker and a freelancer is his office surrounding environment. A freelancer is just sitting at home and working on her personal computer and an office employee is working on the office or the company. If the worker does not get in touch during operation , he will be reprimand or fine.

The third myth

An office worker think that a freelancer worker is much less work than him and an office need to sitting on a Chair all day long. Although an Office work is need more time than a freelancer. Because his duty is for a specific time. It's for 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Or less or more. But a freelancer time have no specific time for office. So office employee think that his duty is more than a freelancer.

The Truth
But It’s true that Often an office workers pay for to sit in the office, if he do much or less at this time. But the Freelancer Worker is sitting at home and he is obliged to perform more work in the same time. It will be impossible for a freelancer to sit relax and wait for the sea weather, the person will need to work to deliver work on time although she was in the sweat. Either he cannot pay. So the freelancer is no work no pay. But the office worker is pay without work.

The fourth myth

Most of the time people Surrounding of a Freelancer saying that the Freelancer are do nothing, they just sitting at home and their head is an unproductive thinking. sometimes A Freelancer work without straightening his back all day.

The Truth
Because a freelancer have no specific office, so the people think that he doesn't work. But the real scenario is a freelancer work on the back side. His duty is too important in those company or organization who source their work from outside of the country. I think the freelancer is highly productive than an office worker.

The fifth myth
Many people believe that the freelance earn less than employees in offices. But the earning is totally depends on the experience and work rates. If you work all day, but for a very small price that ultimately cannot do anything. But, if you evaluate your work at a higher rate, it can be a month very well earn.

So all these myths in my Writing about the freelance workers is absolutely not true. I also Know that the freelance worker also works well as an office assistant and sometimes better and he gets the same money.

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