5 Most Effective Ways To Get Traffic From Social Media

Monday, January 16, 2017

 5 Most Effective Ways To Get Traffic From Social Media
 5 Most Effective Ways To Get Traffic From Social Media

You have a blog and trying to get more traffic from online. You write some great article and well SEO. But where is traffic?? Remember, its not easy methods to attract visitors in your blog without social media. If you want to making money by blogging, you need more traffic.  Here I give you some technique for getting more traffic on your blog.

Google Plus

It’s an awesome trick for blog traffic. Google plus have tons of community. Millions of group member are join in this community. Lots of group in different topics. Blogging, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on.

From my own experience, I join 15 blog communities. Every day I share my blog link to this community. About 300 to four hundred visitors is available in my blog. For more result you can follow below trick.

Join the community as you can
A. Please read the community rule before sharing.
B. Don't share any adult or pornography post.
C. Shorten your Link by Google link shorter.
D. Give 100 words descriptions with hash (#) tag on your post topics.

Although with advantage, there also have some problems. Community ban is one of them. Suppose you post on a community without reading their rules. The community owner can be report on your post. Google can be ban you from Google plus. So you not be able to post anymore.

After six months later, you got your account return. So following the community rule. So much user share some pornography photo before his link. It's too bad way of sharing.

Because, the visitors who are coming with the porn link, they leave your website ASAP. These visitors try to find something different from your websites like porn or nudity. Most of the time, google AdSense ban from showing ad such kinds of blog.

Blog commenting

Its another way for getting more traffic on your website. It’s like help for help. I got some comments on my blog by doing this technique. So where you found the real blog site. Its have some trick. The first tricks is "finding from blog comments". Some popular bog got plenty of comment.
The commenting link have the website link. You just click on the link and comments on a post of blog. Please make some comment which is more related with the post. Don't try to spamming on blog. If you really make some comments, visitors will be come for surfing your website. They also make some comments below post.

a.Sometimes the visitors trying to spamming.
B.Irrelevant Comment's. which is not related with post data.
C.Few word comment for link sharing
D.Most of them comment few times.

Forum posting

You may have idea about forum. There have so many forums in online. Here is discussing about specific topic. You need to use some technique for finding forum related with blog.

The First technique is typing below format "Forum"+"blogging" . just replace "Blogging" topics with your blog topic.

You got some forum in online. Now you have to open an account on forum. After approved your application, you can access their website. But their have some restrictions on writing thread. The thread is like ask and answer. You ask some questions in forum and got answer. Forum is like a group. There have many user who is ready for give you answer. So you just ask question and wait for some answer.

A. Ban is available in forum.
B. Time needs for getting post ability.
C . so much question and answer is very few.
D. It’s difficult to find a reliable forum.

LinkedIn group

It’s another way for getting more visitors in your website. I got many visitors from here. I know some of websites builder who have LinkedIn group and got huge visitors from there. First you need to open an account on LinkedIn. Then fill the details about you on your profile. Your education, your profession current location, skills and so on. Then make some status like Facebook.

 Also try to make comment below some post. Like share and comment. Some day later your profile rank will be develop. You got the skills badge besides your profile. Now you an acceptable profile in group. Then you try to ask for joining the LinkedIn group. Remember all the group cannot give you access. Some group admin make hang of your request. You can cancel your request if you want. There have no limits for requesting or joining group.

A. Visitors is very hard to visit your website.
B. Most of group deny request.
C. Must be share quality content. Either visitor cannot drive.
D. Ban from LinkedIn group is available.

Guest posting

Its another way for driving visitors on your website. But you must be remembering that you need a good quality article writing ability. Either your article cannot accept by the site owner. When your own site will be popular, you automatically invited for being a guest poster.

So how to be a gust poster for web traffic ? First you need to select some high ranking blog. Then ask them for giving you an opportunity for guest posting. You may need give him more data about your blogging life. If he think that you are perfect for a guest post, he will invite you.

People will come your blog with the link below post author profile. Or You can technically share your blog link in the post. Its a lots of source for web traffic.

A. Most of the blog owner denies your request.
B.you must be share original content not copy from your blog.
C. Visitors behavior is important for drive visitors to your blog.
D.its a long time process for increasing visitors in a blog.

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