5 Things makes a blog most interesting to readers

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 Things makes a blog most interesting to readers
5 Things makes a blog most interesting to readers

Some time we write a long time on our blog, but we didn't get website traffic as we aspect. So we feel boring to write more on our blog. After create your own blog, you write some awesome article. But visitor is tough to come in your blog. Such kind of Blogging for beginners is a bad experience. For getting more website traffic, you have to make your blog interesting to your visitors and you will got more website visitors. So what makes a blog interesting to website visitors??? It’s a difficult answer. I search for a right answer about this question. Here the result. I present it for you. Although you may have better idea. Please share your knowledge below comment.

1.Continue blogging

Continue blogging is one of the factors of blogging for beginners. Some blogger lost their willingness to write again if his blog doesn't get expected website visitors. So they post irregularly or stop posting. I have minimum 100 blog address who shares their post in a world popular technology blog since one or two years ago. But their blog is down. I'm trying to find behind the reason for offline their blog. The common reason is website visitors. Most of the blog are same niche like technology, science or blog income. Everyone try hard to get some website visitors, but they have no continuity. Most of them know that blogging for money. After one year when they can't earn something. They stop blogging. Remember the website visitors will be interested for your post which will helpful for them. Remember you have to at least one post every week. Either the reader thinks that you are absence in online.

2.Get involved in social media

You write something different and awesome post in your blog. But people don’t come from online without sharing. Your popularity is your asset for gathering website visitors. You share your knowledge about your blog niche in social network like Facebook or twitter and easily get website traffic from social media. People will interest on reading your blog. Because they think as you a helpful writer. Think about a book library, there have huge book in different topics. Supposed you are a student of philosophy, A book of Statistics may not like you.
But this book is very helpful for students of statistics. So don’t be afraid about your niche. You need to share with others. If they need your post, they will follow you until you finished your blogging life. Gaining new knowledge and experience.

3.Blog Commenting

A professional blogger and a blogger who start blogging have different. Supposed a news writer who published his news on press. In a newspaper there have so many writer but everyone doesn't have abilities to write on editorial page. The senior reports is allowed to write here. Think about why ?? Because the experience is different. A professional blogger is dependable for any news. But a new blogger have to gaining this experience. Its need a hard diligence and study on your niche.
Like a singer, who need to hard practice on his voice. After a time, he will be a good singer. so for making your blog interesting to website visitors, you need to gaining more experience on your blog niche.

You need to follow others by quality comments its obviously good trick for gaining popularity of your post. I have a long experience on it. I just try to find some blog address from forum or blog comment of popular blog post. Then I go there and read their article regularly. I am trying to make some comment on their post. 99% blogger comment back to my post. Also they mail me that they try to read my blog regularly. Its back to back method. But remember, you have to make some valuable comments. Comment must be relevant with the article. You can give them suggestion or take suggestion from them.

4.Building relationships with other bloggers through social media

Its one of the best way for making your blog interested to others. Some Facebook, Google plus or LinkedIn group are best example. Always remember that the blogger read your blog more than others. Why ?? Because they always try to learn new from other blogger. However you can share your post for asking more suggestion about your writing quality. If other blogger think you are a professional, they will be your return website visitors. So you need to join more online community for sharing your post. I think it will be make your blog interested to your website visitors.

5.Joining social blogging group

If you can be popular in blogging society, you blog will be popular. It’s a natural way to popular your blog. You have to share your idea with other blogger. Such as Shoutmeloud owner, or Bloggerspice owner, they are very popular in online community like Google plus group, LinkedIn group or Facebook group. They have helping mind to help other blogger. Thousands of followers following his blogging. His blog also very popular in online. You have to join in a vest group of blogging as you can. Now trying to help people who want to make blogging.

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