13 Rules You can follow for Writing Great article

Thursday, December 29, 2016

13 Rules You can follow for Writing Great article
12 Rules You can follow for Writing Great article
We know that the good article is main materials of a blog. Most of the popular bog have some awesome article. They creating blogs by a professional way. But writing a professional post is pretty difficult. A professional blogger following some secret technique for writing a post. if you following their principal for writing a post, you may produced a good blogging articles. here I present you some principal before writing an article.

Why we need rules for posting?

Blogging for beginners is quite difficult. If you read professional blog, you see that their post is awesome. Well design and good structure. You may think their website design is awesome?? Not at all. They write something awesome and different. If you expenses thousand dollars for web design, it's give you 1% readers without good article. Rest 99% readers are come for your article. So you need to follow below instruction for writing awesome article. Because you need blog so you need more visitors by posting good article.

1.Attractive article title

Every post is start with a title. Its first and best way to express your whole article in one word. So when visitors see your post title, they understand what you want to say on your article. But you must be remember, post title must be relevant with your title. Either reader can lose their willingness to read your next post. Always remember that's reader is very important for your blog.

2.First 100 words is post summary

First 100 words is very important. When A visitors start to reading an article, he may understand about the article in first two to three line. So In every post, first 100 words will be summary of your whole article. Because visitors try to understand your whole article in first 100 words. Beside it, when anyone shares your article on Facebook or other social network, it's show the post summary. So the social network user will be interested to read your article.

3.Check your article spelling

If you write a wrong spelling article, you may treat as a non professional blogger on visitor’s eye. Visitors can lost their interest for reading your article. Google AdSense cannot accept such kind's of article. So earning by blogging could be difficult. You can download dictionary from online. Using easy word in article will be helpful for readers.

4.Check grammatically error

It's another problem for blogging. Some writer who is not native in English, their article is not properly written by grammatically. A grammatically error sentence is produced bother to his readers. Google AdSense account cannot accepted a grammatically error sentence.

5.Using heading Tag

If you have basic HTML knowledge, you may familiar with  H1 heading tag. Google search engine crawling always read your article heading tag to know about the article body. So when a visitors search online about your article keywords, Google shows your blog post. On the other hand, this head tag show the heading in bold latter. But you have to use heading tag properly. H1
is very important tag, H2 is less important than  H1, On the other hand H3, is less important than H4 tag.

6.Using paragraphs

Using paragraph on an article will increase your blog design. Without a paragraph, your article is not clearly show the data. Every paragraph can discuss your subjects. By heading tag, you can do this.

7.Select post category

Every blogger select few categories for blogging. Blog have a main niche. Some sub category is select for blogging. Before post on blog give a category for your post. Category is need, because the search engine show the category with post when anyone search on a specific keyword. It's makes SEO friendly article.

8.Select proper keywords

For a professional blog post, you need to select some keywords related with your post. there have so many Keywords findings tool's in online. Google AdWords tools is one of them. It's very popular for gatherings data about the specific keyword. Every 100 words, you may use the keywords more than one. So when anyone searches about any specific keyword, he can find your article.

9.Optimized image

Images optimization is another important for writing an article. Because it's important for page loading. When readers read your article, if page need more time for loading, he may shift from your blog. So the bounce rate will increase. Adobe Photoshop can help you to resizing image. Some online tools also can help you.jpeg,PNG is popular photo format. Most of the blogger use JPEG format.

10.Use featured image

You should use a Feature image for every post on your blog. Featured image is use on the top of a post. It's also like a summary of an article. Here the article writer gives some Photoshop design. Featured image must be relevant with post. Some free online website gives you royalty free photo. Do not use copyright image.

11.Images alignment

Image alignment is another important for blogging. Remember featured image is different. You can use another image in post paragraph. Several kinds of alignment is available on post. You need to choose a best looking on design.

12.Do not copy pest

It's totally illegal in online. If Google search engine crawling find your article, it's will be ban your blog. Google AdSense is strictly prohibited copy pest article. Most of the time it's suspended AdSense account.

13.Add blogger profile

Some blog is very popular, such as shoutmeloud blog. This blog owner is very popular in blogging platform. His post is very helpful for new blogger. So many readers come his blog for specially reading his blog. So it's need to mentioned the post writer below the blog post.

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  1. Great tips here i have found about on Article Writing, Really this is very helpful tips for like us blogger community.

    1. Hello +Sanu Mondal, Thanks for your comments. I try to present something different to visitors.