12 best way of blog income

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12 best way of blog income
12 best way of blog income

There have so many blogger who make blogging for money. Blog Income is like a deposit. You got interest from Bank every month. Although blog income is a long time procedures. if anyone continuously trying to blogging for money, he may be successful. There have no shortcut way of blogging for money.

There have Different way of blog income. Here I give you 12 way of blogging for money.

1.Google AdSense

It's best way to blogging for money. Google AdSense give you a handsome blog income for blog traffic and ad click. They pay you for viewing ad's on your blog. You just need to learn about blogging basic for beginner's. AdSense pay by CPC or CPM. But it's very slow processes. For a handsome blog income by AdSense you must be need huge visitors. But AdSense authorization is very very difficult. You must be following some strong rules of AdSense for getting AdSense authorization. After getting AdSense authorization you must be follow their rule. either your account will be suspended. So most of the new blogger failed to gain an AdSense authorization. There have some common rule for Google AdSense:

a. 1.Do not write any unsupported language such as Bengali or Hindi in your blog.

b. Do not copy article another blog article.

c. Do not write on about religion or any other tribute.

d. Do not write political post of any country.

e. Do not write about arms of drugs selling Post.

f. Do not make any pornography post.

g. Do not break any community guideline.

For India and its sub continents your blog need 6 month older to get google AdSense fully approved Account. You can read from here about full details of google AdSense approvals policy.

2.Direct advertising

It's easy way for blog income. You can collect ad's from several company who want to advertised their products in online. They may use Google or other advertising network. You need to contact with them and ask for advertising on your website. Some blog have special rate for placing ads on their blog. It's have no strike rules like Google AdSense. So it's very easy way to earn by blogging. First you need to set your targeted customer. Then send them mail that you want to publish advertising on your blog. You must be mentioning your blog visitor’s data. You can open a page on your blog with visitor’s statistics and ad rate. Remember, ad rate will be comparatively low than others. Either people will not interest in your blog.

3.Selling own products

For selling your own products in online, a blog is best way. You can sell your own hand made products like t-shirts, home d├ęcor or book. You can make your blog as an online e-commerce shops. You can also contact with some shop who sell product related with your blog content. For example you open a tech blog. You post here about new technology. When an unique gadget are available on market, you can sell this product by writing a nice review on this product. You got 80% sell by this post.

4.Writing an e book's

It's another way of blog income. You can write an e-book about blogging or earning by blogging. shoutmeloud owner write an eBooks on affiliate marketing. He earn 2000$ every month by selling his affiliate marketing eBooks. Just think about your skills on an specific subject. Then gather data from online and offline. Then write an eBook. Because you don’t need a press machine, so it’s an easy method. You just need some Photoshop and illustrator knowledge. Or you can sell an eBook written by another people. You can contact him for selling his e book in online.

5.Affiliate marketing

it's another way of blogging for money. Basically AdSense or another advertising network give you slow income. You need huge traffic for blog income by google AdSense. So affiliate marketing is best alternative for AdSense or other. There have Amazon affiliate, bluhost affiliate, software affiliate and other affiliate. Although affiliate marketing need a good planning. You must be affiliating your related product with your blog. For example, you have a blog about gadget, you write a review on Amazon Kindle, after writing article you just put your Amazon affiliate link on post. People go to the link and buy some product from Amazon. You got commission from there.

6.Online teaching

It's another way for blog income. If you have deep knowledge on any specific subject, you can share your tutorials with your visitors. Some tutorial will be pro and you can take some fee for pro tutorial. You can earn handsome money by selling pro tutorial. You can tech in any subject; it can be math, science or other. Some blogger also teach on multimedia like adobe Photoshop or adobe illustrator or other software. You will be a master of some online student. Some website template has such kinds of template. Just install and teach your student for some fee.


You can sell your consultancy power by blogging. Consulting is a way of blog income. Such as you are a lower. So many people search a lower in online. You can give service such kinds of people for a fee. You can also open a policy consulting blog.

Where you can share your knowledge about the total policy provider company by blog post. You can give them suggestion about the best policy. then people will be interested to take your service. You sell them your service over phone or email. Student are also your customer. Because they search for scholarship. You can research on your blog about various types of international scholarships program.

8.Video blogging

Some blogger do video blogging for blog income. First you need to select a niche for making video tutorial. you have to research on your topics and make some video tutorial. You can upload your tutorial on YouTube. Now explain and write a post on it. Youtube is very popular video sharing network in the world. If you will be able to make a blog by combination of YouTube. You can earn by both way. By video AdSense and blog AdSense. Some special video can be hiding from audience and sell it for money.


It’s another way to blogging for money. A good blogger is also a good freelancer. He may have knowledge about article writing. There have huge market for selling your own article like Upwork or freelancer.com. You can also give training to people by using your blogging experience. A professional blogger also sell his tutorial about how to write article. So it will be you’re another way for income.

10.Paid article

When your blog will be popular, you got huge request for making a paid Post on behalf of some service like hosting. It's like advertising about some products. First you write details about his service and then people buy their service. They give you money for your post. Bloggerspice network owner earn minimum 200$ dollar every month. Its also good way to earn money.

11.Use advertising network

There have so many advertising networks in online. Who give you money by advertising on your website. It's like Google AdSense. Revenue hits is one of them. It’s give you advertising partnership. You use their advertising on your blog and then they pay you for visitor’s views and click. Revenue hits is one of them. This network pays like google AdSense. But their ad system is not like google AdSense. They use pop out ad system. Its redirect visitors to another website.

12.Referral bonus

It's another way for blog income. Infolinks, revenuehits or other network pay Referral bonus. First you need to open an account in this ad network. Then start sharing your referral link in online. When visitors open an account with your referral, you got referral bonus.


Blogging for income is not very easy work. First you have to learn blogging basics for beginners. Then making your own Blog. You have to know how to write a professional blog post. For a good Blog income, try to know more knowledge about blogging.

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