15 big mistake of blogging for beginners

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

14 big mistake of blogging for beginners
14 big mistake of blogging for beginners

Blogging is an addiction for Every new blogger. Most of the blogger come in the blogging for money. The ratio maybe 90% of total blogger. Everyone wants some extra income at his student’s life. But they want this income as a related job with their study. Blogging is a perfect platform to income for students. Most of Blogging for beginners was start by writing article as a freelancer. They income from freelance marketplace. But after some days most of the freelancer tries to creating a blog on free blogging site. New blogger think to be a professional blogger and do blogging for money. But some common mistake is barrier in blogging for beginners. Here I example of some common mistake. If you want to make own blog for free blogging site, you may need to leave this mistake.

1. Your blog is best topics

Yes, most of the new blogger start a blog by thinking that he creating a blog by discovered new best ideas. But they may forget how to make a blog by a good idea. Millions of blog is available in online. So any idea is not new, but you have to write on a different way by old ideas.

Blogging for beginners by creating a blog, you must be select your niche which you have more knowledge. Don't think that your niche is best; try to writing something different for earning with blogging. That's good for getting started blogging for money.

2.Over Excitement

It's the main mistake of blogging for beginners. Most of the time they don't have more knowledge about blogging basic for beginners. So they start a blog with a niche which have less information in online. As results blogger present some no informative article. Visitors are gradually losing their interest to reading his blog. For over excitement, new bloggers writing blog two to three post a day. Most of them are thinking on quantity not quality. But huge article production is bad for a professional post.

Everything is bad when you do this by over excitement. Nothing need to over excitement, you have to think about blogging first. Blogging is a long time procedures. Every blogging beginners think that their blog will be popular by some months. No, it's not true. Every successful blogger to creating a blog have a long time story, it may be one year to two years. So don't be over excitement, but try to create your own blog.

3.Copy paste article

Most of the blogging beginner trying to write more articles. They think, more blogging articles is bring more visitors. And more visitors mean more income. But quality article is difficult to write without blogging basics for beginners. Readers are always interested to read professional article, which is helpful with valuable data. Although copy paste is very easy But it's very bad blogging for beginners. Copy paste is strictly prohibited for blog income like google AdSense. Google also penalize such kinds of blog from indexing. It's one kind's of copyright broke.

No, it's have no solution without longtime trying. You have to read some successful blog everyday which is related with your niche and learn blogging basics for beginners. You can also learn blogging tips from popular blog. Then you try to creating blog and. write a new article on the basis of your gathered knowledge.


If you are starting a blog, you may have few ideas about blog spamming. Every new blogger are always feel absence of visitors when they started blogging. They forget about the quality article. As a result, a new blogger got few visitors. So they force visitors to visit his blog. New blogger start commenting here and there. He shares his blog everywhere. Below a blog post, below a Facebook post or a Twitter post. It's not spamming to share your website. But there have some rule. Comments are allowed but spamming are not allowing.

Do not need to spam for sharing your blog. Open account on every social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and try to add more friend on it. Then share your blog every day. Don't try to over share your blog. You can write guest post on popular blog. You can boost your post in Facebook.

5.Article spinning software

This is another mistake blogging for beginners. I already told that the new blogger try to produced more post a day for more visitors. But it’s not easy to write one more quality article a day. So there have some software which is produced article as you want. But always remember that's a machine cannot write a article like a human. Readers are lost their willingness to read such kind's of blog. So blog income will not generate. Google AdSense are not accepted such kind's of spinning blogging article.

6.Rewriting article

If you try to rewriting a story of William Shakespeare, do you think that you will be a William Shakespeare ? Of course no. Article rewriting is also one kind's of copy paste article. Most of the article writer may do this at his beginning. So blogger lost his Readers and ultimately the motto of blogging is not in right track. Read more and know the best way to get started blogging.

7.Translating article

Google translation helps you to translate any article from one language. Some new blogger write his post by translating post from other languages. But it’s too difficult to write such kind's of article in a professional way. It's totally unprofessional. So try to learn blogging basics for beginners.

8.Buy article from freelance market

Because some of our new blogger want to earn as early as possible, so they want to enrich their blogs as soon as possible. Some freelance market like Upwork or others have so many freelancers who sell their article by little money. But their article quality is very low. Most of them rewriting or spinning article. So reader lost their willingness to read blog and not indexing in Google.

9.Grammatical error

A person who have more knowledge in speaking English but he may be not perfect in writing an article in English. Because of less knowledge in English grammar. Because the new blogger think to earn as soon as possible, so they increasing article quantity not quality. They can't maintain grammar error free article. Such kinds of blog lost Visitors, and they will not return your website anymore in future.

10.Forces visitors

Sometimes the new blogger forces visitors to visiting their blog. They use some bad techniques for forcing visitors. Such as pornographic post headlines is share in online. When the visitors come to your website and see that your website is not as article, he may lose his interesting to your blog. Or use popup advertise. Or offer something illegal. The entire fault is bad blogging for beginners.
11.Black hate SEO

Search engine always following keywords for showing search results. So Keywords is very important. For ranking on Google, some new blogger use black hate SEO. Keywords stuffing are a best example of black hate SEO. You may know more in online about Black hate SEO.

12.Speedy Earnings

Every new blogger want to blogging for money. The want earning as soon as possible. But blogging for beginner is first need to know about how to make money with blog. For this reason they use some annoying advertising network that pay very low (some time not pay). Their advertising is very disgusting network. So when visitors come to their site, antivirus detects them that this site is malware affected site. Blog income is not a speedy job. It’s a long time job.
13.Little Phonographic article

It's another bad idea of new blogger. They think that more visitors is more money. Because some visitors are interested in pornography. So they write article which is not directly pornography but likely it. As a result visitors lost their interested to visit such blog and Google ban such website.

14.Buy visitors

It's another bad habitat of new bloggers. They always try to increasing their blog income. Some online company contact for getting huge traffic to your blog. But most of them use spamming for providing traffic. As a result, your blog will be banned from Google search engine.

15.Fake traffic software

Yes, some people use this software for traffic. Do you think that you have a shop and there have huge ghosts !!!! Do you sell one piece products?? 100% no. Because you need human not ghost for selling product. Fake traffic software is like ghost. But Google AdSense strictly prohibited such kinds of traffic.

Final Solutions for this problems
No, it's have no special solution. Only you can make your own solutions. First you have to determined your problems. Then you need to leave all of your fault. As a new blogger, please Always remember that blogging is not money. First you have to know blogging for beginners and how to make a blog. Blogging is spread your knowledge among the visitors. Although you can also make money by blogging. But it's a long time procedures. There have no shortcut way to earn by blogging.

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