how a girl make million dollar by a simple blog : A true Success Story

Monday, January 16, 2017

how a girl make million dollar by a simple blog : A  true Success Story
how a girl make million dollar by a simple blog : A  true Success Story

There have a huge ways to make money. But you have to find your own way. Income can be generate by your loving thing or from your hobby. Today I present you such kinds of girls, who earn from his hobby. I think you’ve heard of Crystal Paine. Yes, she has a great site named money saving mom. But she completely operate her blog site from home. So she making her money from home.

Crystal Paine makes a blog named in 2007. She start his blog as like deal-hunting, couponing and so on. It's unbelievable that every month around 1.5 million visitor on her website. Paine is a true mompreneur who work-at-home. She manage a brand that employs 17 team members. In a Facebook page, she have more than 750,000 followers.

From an interview she give some information by which she build her fa-growing site. We can learn Those two things from Paine History about success and it will be helpful for our starting blogging for online income.

If you are  starting blog and want a best ways to blog income , Here are few pointers for you from Paine success story.

Simple 5 Tips about How to turn your love for blogging into something bigger..

1. Do not start with big thinking

Just think some small ways that can bump up your traffic today. Paine just trying to make A couple of dollars every day from her online platform. We always think that every successful people have some secret to success. but believe me that there’s have no secret, no shortcut way for success. Paine said that she worked every day. She says. “I remember, I would take my shower and I’d think, What can I do to bring a little bit of traffic to the blog today? ”

2. Get educated and pay attention to what works

This is a common theme in all of most successful people read, read and read more , and they always look outside of their own industries.

According to Paine that she always search those people who were in other fields and were successful. then she ask them What are they doing? And now she implement that in a way that works for her blog?

So constantly she looking other website and always applying different methods, even she changing her Facebook posts are capitalized.
3. Focus on small wins

Over three years Paine built her community by commenting on other blogs. She is good responding to her readers and always try to learn their needs, preferences and testing some different strategies. Last three years She only focused on the small wins.

This small reward was just a little streams of website traffic. Once a time those little streams will be turned into a river and then will be made a big torrent for you. You may think so many times we waste for that little trickle but we think, That’s not worth our time. But this little trickles Extremely need for your first starting .

She also built up a strong email list by which she developed a networks with other people, and those people are promoting her website on behalf of her .
4. Put your readers first

This is probably the most important for a newly startup Blog. Paine is highly Caring about her customers and readers. she never talks about her “haters” or “online trolls,”. She always saying that she sometimes “disappoints her readers,”

She have a deep sense of responsibility to her reader . She always put everything through the lens for satisfied her readers. As her interview, she turned down thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising and sponsorship every single year because it’s not satisfied her readers. So you Always need to think of your readers first, because there are plenty of opportunities to earn.
5. Shut out the noise

Paine Always try to out her from a huge noise, So she drawing a line between possible and impossible. She don't follow so much blogs. And lot of times she have no intention to what’s going on outside of  her community. because Every time you must be think that you are not like other bloggers or online entrepreneurs.

She always consider about those what is most important to her. She always look at everything that she want to do personally and professionally.

I think if you Focus on those few things well and you can do everything.

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