How to install Whatsapp messenger directly on PC???

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Top 6 best keyboards for android

WhatsApp messenger is a encrypted, cross-platform and instant messaging app for smartphones. It uses by Internet to send documents, images, text messages, video, user location or audio messages to other users. To register in Wahtsapp we need a standard cellular mobile numbers. Wahts app was founded by former employees of Yahoo named Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 by, It’s true that. WhatsApp messenger is an essential application in our social life. We Share our social life, massage, chatting, talking by this app. Because it's easy to use and more User friendly. According to its February 2016 statistics, its user cross one billion over the world.

Why we need WhatsApp messenger ?

WhatsApp messenger is like a social media. Sometime it's also bump our international business like QQ or Skype. Such as WhatsApp business group on social media.
Although it's not same as like Facebook messenger . But it can be best alternative of Facebook for chatting, sharing. Whatsapp is basically unlimited to use as long as you have internet. Most of the developing country like Bangladesh, what app is free to use by mobile network company. Its also easy to use. Because Facebook have a high restriction to use. You can lost your Facebook account anytime without warning or reason. face also have huge fake account. so people cannot believe on it. In china, Facebook is totally off. so they use WhatsApp messenger . Remember its free to text internationally. So You can send massage anywhere in the world and it doesn't cost you any more than internet charge..

Platform support

On beta stage in November 2009, the WhatsApp messenger launched only on the Apple Store for the iPhone. The BlackBerry smartphones was added on January 2010, and in May 2010 its lunched for the Symbian OS and the last for Android OS in August 2010. And now its announce for its windows mac version.

WhatsApp Web

Under the name WhatsApp Web WhatsApp was available for PCs. But The WhatsApp user's handset needs internet connection to function by the browser application. All the browsers are supported except Internet Explorer. Until January 21, 2015, it was only available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows. But later it also support for iOS, Nokia S60 (Symbian) and Nokia Series 40.

Windows and Mac

On 10 May 2016 Wahtsapp messaging service was introduced for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It supports OS versions of Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.9 and higher. Although, in previous time, it's too difficult to use WhatsApp by PC. Because, it's not Install directly to PC. Some tech guy, who are advance in technology, they use android Emulator to use What app in PC or Mac.
Bluestack also use for install WhatsApp on PC. But it’s an Extra application. So it’s one kind of bothering. Bluestack need extra space on your PC Ram for app for bluestack. So it’s also problem for PC Speed.
It's a hot news for us that WhatsApp recently release its computer version. You can use its on both. Windows and Mac. No extra software needs like blustock or other. It's Easy to install, but you need some extra job like Bar code scanning.
So now I explain you about how to install WhatsApp on PC???
I divided installation Process Into three Steps,

1. Download

2. Install

3. Linking with Mobile


You can download from WhatsApp official website or from here. I Give you Media-fire Direct download Link.

Now install your download application. It’s may Take few Times to install the whole software. But you have to connect your PC on Internet when Install.

Verifying and linking

Now open your installed Whatsapp on PC. And it is Show you a QR code. If you use Android phone, you need to below Step
Open WhatsApp > Menu > WhatsApp web Or if you use iPhone do this Step Open
WhatsApp > Setting > WhatsApp web Menu. Now Scan QR code by QR scanner. Sometime it may caused problem like QR code doesn't Match or don't Detect, you may need to Increase your PC brightness. Then again Scan it. But remember, you must have internet connection Both on mobile and PC.

After successfully Scan, your PC what's app is Ready to use.

I think you successfully installed Whats-app messenger on your computer. But there have a little problem with it. The Major problem is Reverifying every time when you open your PC. To solve this problem, you need a small task to to. Just Chackin **Keep me signed in ** Option. You don’t need to Re-verify more.

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