How to buy a product from abroad ?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to buy a product from abroad ?

Most of the developing country have no sufficient resources to produce all kinds of products. So we need to import products from abroad. But import from a foreign country is too hard procedure. Although  if we have an eCommerce business or other electronic gadgets business ,we need to import unique products. Here I will give you the complete procedure for import. 

Where is your market ??
Basically in this era, we search the sellers from online market. But there have a vast online market in the world. So it's too difficult to choose a real market.
Example of market
There have so much international market in online. Such as, and so on. But you have choose your best market. Although most of online market is retailers. So their costs is very high.

Best market for import
Everybody knows that is one of the world largest B2B market. Remember, is not like Alibaba have no specific products. They only work one-half of Production Company. There have a huge company who displays their products on In Who sell their

Products on Alibaba.
But everybody should remember that have a huge screamer personal. Who is an intermediary from a production company. Most of the people contact with them for lower price. Because they always offer you a low price more than the producers. So the buyers attracted to them. But they cannot receive LC or TT. Direct money is fully insecure.

What is the solution for
From my 10 years experience I always try to find a best alternative for because I face some worst experience from today I give you a best alternative and 100% real market of The market website is  yiwubuy. Procedure for buy from

One software is extremely need for contacting
QQi software. Is only one software to contact with the Chinese sellers. First you need to download  QQi from here. Then open an account on it. Sign in on your software from mobile or computer.

Read more about QQi

Choose your products
Then go to the website and search your products that you need. Not huge but there have sufficient seller on this website. You see there have so many sellers. I personally test for source my products. And I found most of them was real business. Now You see the contact details. Here you see three methods
  • QQ
  • Skype
  • Mobile
  • Email

Now clicks on the QQ and it's automatically open the QQi chatting. Now say hello and talk with him. You also able to make video call.

How to pay
Mainly there have two payment system from Bangladesh , India or other countries. One is LC and another is TT. Remember no western union or money gram are supported to sending money. After complete all the procedure for buying products, you place an order to the company. Now go to the bank and open an LCA application against the sellers company. Bank will give you the complete procedure about LC or TT.

How to transport
Then you choose the transportation like DHL or UPS or other. The sender company give you the calculation of transportation cost.

Customs procedure
When your products will be arrived at airport or sea port, all of the necessary documents will be sent you by courier company in the bank where you make lc or tt. Then you contact with a customs clearing and forwarding company. Who are the intermediary from government to finish customs procedure.

Pay the tax
During the procedure, you need to pay the tax by C&F agency. There have several products and several HS CODE for imposing tax and duty on your products. It's need 24 to 36 hours to complete all the procedure.

Received your products

Finally you got the products. Before received your products, you need to fully checked your products conditions. If all is good then send a mail to your sellers that all is okay.
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